Sunday, 27 November 2016

Vegan thanksgiving

 We have a house full this weekend. All four children are home plus a friend and a boyfriend (of the children, not me!).
Enough shoes to sink a ship! 

My second eldest daughter wanted to hold a vegan and gluten free thanksgiving as a memory of her year in America. It took daughter number one, daughter number two and myself three hours to prepare it, but it was very yummy!

We had garlicky green beans, caramelised sweet potato, glazed tofu with roasted sprouts and brown rice, a lentil loaf with sweet maple glaze, sage and onion stuffing balls, cranberry sauce, maple roasted parsnips and a mushroom gravy. The dessert was pecan pie and vegan ice cream. All washed down with vegan wine. There was not a scrap of good left which is always a good sign :)
Today we are having a roast dinner...excessive? Possibly, but we all enjoy our foody get togethers :)

We have been allowing the chickens to roam the garden. I was feeding them some scraps through the kitchen window and a 'helper' appeared! Obviously he thought the scraps should be for him. He's so good with the chickens :)

We went for a walk around the grounds of Chirk castle today. Is a very nice walk taking in views across North Wales and shropshire, the castle itself, parkland and woodland.
This tree was around in Henry VIII's reign and is still growing!

Hope you've all had a good weekend x 


  1. It is so lovely to see Jet looking alert and expectant. He's a beautiful dog . I'm so glad you persevered with him.
    I'm sure his loyalty will repay you many times! Sue

  2. I love the gud dug with the chicken photo !

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Your meal sounds lovely, and having two big meals is perfectly fine (we do that all the time in this family).

    Oh my, I love the shape of the tree!!

    God bless.

  4. Sounds like a yummy meal. I don't eat meat - not vegan though - and MIL was nice enough to make me my own stuffing and a mushroom pie. Yum.

  5. Love the vegan meal, all looks delicious!

  6. The vegan meal looks lovely.

    It's nice seeing dogs out with chickens isn't it, it's something I've always enjoyed watching ever since our first dog Sophie spent hours 'rounding up' our first ten girls way back in the days when we were starting out. The chickens just did exactly what they wanted to and she ran around pretending she was directing them. Rosy comes into Chicken world every morning with me ... she's especially eager to get in there if I'm feeding them some popcorn ;-)

  7. Hope you had a lovely Christmas!

  8. Have a happy 2017. I hope your silence is because you are too busy with everything rather than there are problems of any sort with you and your family. Sue

  9. Ditto to the last comment.

  10. I'm still looking for your post every day.
    Could you post a comment just to let us know you are ok or if not what we can send goood wishes for? Sue

  11. Hi there, hope you are well.

  12. our meal sounds lovely, and having two big meals is perfectly fine (we do that all the time in this family)


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