Friday, 26 August 2016

Animal antics

You may remember that the previous owners of this house asked if we would like some chickens, to which I said yes, imagining that we would end up with about 10/12 extra chickens. I wasn't sure what we would do with the eggs, but was happy to have some extra ladies to add to my brood.....

{OK, I've given up! You'll just have to imagine a photo of a jumped up white cockerel lording it over the roost! I cannot get my photos to upload again - GRRRRRR!}

I ain't no lady!

And indeed he isn't. He is the loudest beast in town waking me any time from 4.30 onwards. To top it all, he has a brand new band of brothers developing too as we seem to have at least three more cockerels.
My poor ladies are horrified at this randy fellow chasing them all over the place.
Fortunately we have found someone with a smallholding a few miles away who will take him off our hands and, after a Facebook post by Mr D, we may have a taker for the teenage pretender who is following rapidly in his footsteps! The other two cockerels are still young, so they can stay for the time being, but they may not last long.
Even the ever gentle Mr D has been tempted into murderous thoughts in the early hours!

Talking of early hours, Mr D and I were woken at about 1am the other night by a loud noise outside. We had no idea what it was, but it sounded like an animal scrabbling about. Nothing could be seen outside and all seemed calm, so we went back to bed. About 10 minutes later more noise above our heads - my heart sank - "that sounds like a cat on the roof", I said to myself...sure enough, seconds later, loud meowing emanated from the roof above our window. Mr D and I ran out to see Freya perched precariously in the gutter, scared witless. We tried, unsuccessfully to entice her back over the roof with food but we realised she was stuck, so Mr D had to go back inside whilst I shine a torch upwards from the garden to illuminate the issue. He had to lean right out of our bedroom window, coax her along the gutter towards him and then reach out, grab her by the scruff and haul her back inside. What a hero!

Strangely enough, she hasn't been seen in the roof since! I think she was thrown by the steep angle and the slipperiness of the slate, rather than the tile she was used to at home. She even managed to dislodge a loose slate - miraculously it didn't break as it shot off the roof onto the front path. We'll have to get our builder to pop it back in.

So, as you can see it's all fun and frolics in the animal kingdom!

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Funky colours

Hello again. We have been mad busy decorating. We have done one bedroom at the rear of the house, although I still need to paint the furniture, buy a bigger bed etc. we have been trying to be very thorough when painting - filling in all the holes/gaps along skirting etc; painting ceilings and glossing all the woodwork. My thinking is that if we do it really well this time, any future decorating will be much easier.
We have now moved in to my youngest's bedroom at the front. She wanted black (!) but I have talked her round to a very dark grey on one wall only. It looks amazing. I just need to do some neatening of the edges (my brush was too big for the cutting in) and gloss the woodwork. When I've done, I'll post photos.
There is so much to do, that it's very easy to become rather overwhelmed, but we are trying to bite it off in chunks.

As I mentioned in my last post, there are some pretty wacky colours in this house....

One of the rear bedrooms 

The downstairs shower room

Inside the music room cupboard 

The office 

Another of the bedrooms 

More pink 

Decals on one of the bedroom walls. 

My youngest's bedroom. That is brick effect wallpaper. Well it was, until I painted over it yesterday! 

Even the front door - a lovely stable door from my wish list - is painted baby pink! I have bought a delicious soft green for that, but have yet to get round to painting it. It's either too sunny or showers...

We are almost through 10 litres of white emulsion already. Goodness knows how much more we'll use to get the house looking how I want it to.....

In reply to some of the questions from the last post :- Jet is absolutely loving it here. He is like the proverbial pig in clover. We haven't needed to actually walk him yet as he can lolop around the plot with gay abandon. He's still recovering from his op and still limps a bit, but we will get there. The cats.... Our female cat, Freya, has settled very well and is managing the cat flap (a new concept to them). She is quite grave and going outside. Oscar, the black male cat, who disgraced himself so often before we moved is still regularly leaving us 'gifts' in the house. He knows how to get in and out of the cat flap, but is too nervous to do so. We put him out of the  front door and he dashes straight round the back, through the flap and  back upstairs to his spot in the sun. I guess patience is needed with him. 

More soon x 

Saturday, 20 August 2016

I think I've sussed it!

Well I've cobbled together some way of uploading photos - it's not ideal, but I am so desperate to show you some of the lovely rooms. Then house is just as beautiful as I remembered it. In fact, it's larger and more homely than I remembered it. There are some seriously wacky colours on the walls and many of the rooms are rather tatty, so that will take us time, but despite that it already feels like home.

It seems like such a long time since I last posted properly. We moved in on the 8th but then didn't have Internet for over a week so I wasn't able to post then. Anyway, we are in and mostly settled. The move went very well and my youngest daughter and I managed to unpack over 30 boxes in the kitchen whilst they were unloading and building the rest of the furniture, so I gave them all of those boxes back (I don't think they wanted them, but I had enough to deal with..) Fortunately this house has a boot room which was completely empty so it looked like this after a while - floor to ceiling cardboard boxes:-

We have two lounges, so we've turned one into a music room/snug. It still some decorative work (woodwork, waxing the doors and some smaller things to do), but we have made loads of progress already. The idea of this room is that it's a relaxing space - for hobbies - like playing music, reading and just relaxing. No TV allowed here! Jet also has his 'bed' in here so we can all hang out together.
What do you think?

Friday, 19 August 2016


We've moved in and I'm desperate to post photos, but whilst I've been offline, Google have retired Picasaweb which I was using (quite happily) for downloading and uploading all the photos on the blog. Does anyone have any helpful hints as to how I can upload photos directly off my iPad, or indeed suggestions as to an interim measure along the lines of Picasaweb? What do other people use?

Please send me some suggestions as I can't wait to show you what we're doing!
Many thanks in advance and apologies for the disappointingly boring first post in a while :(

Monday, 1 August 2016


I apologise in advance to Corish Chickpea for my little moan. I'm still hoping everything works out for you very soon!

Welcome to Chris, a new follower :)

OMG! I am so incredibly fed up with filling and stacking boxes, especially when I remember that this is just the first stage - I then have to empty them all again at the other end, crush them and recycle them.
I really cannot understand why you would move regularly if you didn't have to. I think next time we move, we will sell everything and move into a camper van to tour around Europe! Or just back a backpack and go round the world. Now that would be liberating!

Although when I look around at the mess I feel as if we will never be ready, I do know that we are nearly there now. My poor little house has never been this consistently messy since we moved in in 1994! It doesn't seem much point cleaning too often at this stage. I will obviously do a deep clean when they have packed everything up on Sunday.

Nearly there ...... :)

Friday, 22 July 2016

Feline flip out

Oscar, our male cat is all over the place! As I mentioned, he peed on my duvet. A few days later he peed in our ensuite (carpet!); today despite Mr D, my son and my youngest daughter all being in my bedroom, he pooed in the ensuite. I was in the loft and could smell it - neither Mr D nor my son even noticed!!! They must have gone nose blind as the advert goes. A bit later, I was in my son's room chuntering to myself that the neatly folded pile of clean washing was still on the floor rather than having been put away....only to discover that Oscar had used that as a toilet too! Trust us to have a looney tune for a cat. Still only 16 sleeps to go and he can christen the new house!

Jet is slowly returning to normal if a little stiff in that leg still. They tested a sample from the tissue and he has staphylococcus in there, but we now have the right antibiotic so we will continue with that for another few weeks to make sure we have nailed it.

The owners of our new house are moving to an egg farm so are leaving us their chickens. From what I remember they have bantams and hybrids. Some of them lay gorgeous little blue eggs :) I have also offered to babysit their geese until they get settled as they are having to move into rented. They may have someone else who can do it, but if not it will be a good taster of whether I would like geese or not.

Mr D and I have been very busy today - one large charity shop run and two tip runs. We have pretty much packed up every bedroom now plus most of downstairs. Just the kitchen and sheds to go... Am really looking forward to this stage being over. I am so over boxes!!

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Zero effort cleaning

Many years ago I inherited my mother's family piano from my uncle. I believe it's been in the family for over 100 years. All four of my children play it (as indeed does Mr D), but my youngest plays it the most. She has taught herself how to play mostly from the internet and can rattle off all sorts from Rachmaninov to Adele songs. I absolutely love to hear it being played.
After we had had it shipped over from the Isle of Wight, my uncle found the original brass candle sconces wrapped in newspaper in his loft. They were filthy, but because they are a bit fiddly, I decided that polishing with Brasso was not going to work.
Instead I filled a large plastic tub with 2 litres of the cheapest coke I could buy. I submerged the sconces for a few hours. They came out sparkling and shiny and just needed rinsing and a quick buff with a soft cloth. I then poured the coke down the toilet to give it a good clean too!
They stayed clean for quite some time, but in honour of the move, I have repeated the process to get them smartened up for their new spot in the 'music room'!

Separated into their components

Soaked for a few hours

Rinsed and buffed 

This is how they look on the piano. I took it back off as I don't want them damaged in transit, but I. thought I'd show you how lovely they look.