Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Toilet to larder

Thank you for the 'welcome back' messages - you really are a great bunch :)
Oh and apparently I missed off a horse - there are 6! Oops. We went for a celebratory drink with our neighbours last night at our local and they reminded me about the poor equine I had forgotten!

Chronologically, this is not the first thing to share, but I'm über excited about it, so here it is....

Welcome to my new walk-in larder..

Once upon a time, this was a hideously pink downstairs shower room where you could sit on the toilet and look out directly on to the dining room table. 

This is the end of the room that will form the entrance to the extension, but it shows you the colour.... 

Three quarters of that room is now a larder and the final section will eventually become the entrance to our new extension. We had to lose the dresser so we could create an extra door, but it looks great
now. Obviously the door is reclaimed so it all matches. 

Looks as if it's always been there

I used black card and paper fasteners to label the baskets in the larder. It takes some of the fun out of watching Mr D searching through every basket to find where I have 'hidden' the food, but I am so very happy with the organised feel of it. Before, our food was split across multiple cupboards and I was finding it hard to write sensible shopping lists. Now I know exactly what I have and there is a place for everything. Happiness can be found in an organised larder... 

I used some beads to cover the light pull which should help keep  it clean.


  1. Looks brilliant, no wonder you're happy!

  2. I would also be showing your lovely larder, what great use of the space.

  3. Love it! I was chuffed when we finally got out cellar store room finished, too. A great addition to a house.

  4. I adore your baskets and labeled jars! It looks like something from a magazine!

    1. I admit to drooling over Pinterest for sometime before deciding what 'look' to go for!

  5. It looks great, I would hate to be without mine.

  6. It's a fantastic larder ... I am totally jealous!!

  7. Just perfect and very well organized.

    God bless.

  8. Juliette, I thought I was organised with my A-Z spice & herbs larder, but this just takes the biscuit (pardon the pun); it's fab xx Cathy

  9. OMG! it is AMAZING! love it. I have larder envy so bad. I am so green! but all in a fab good way. Excellent use of space. love the baskets!

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