Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Small things

Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to add advice and tips on my last post. It's invaluable to have such a useful resource. There's nothing quite like other people's experiences to open your eyes to potential pitfalls and helpful hints :)
I've had a quiet day today just catching up on the small things. I haven't done anything that doesn't need to be done and only focused on keeping up with the necessary. Consequently, I've had time to read - lovely!
The recent weeks seem to have been rather busy, so it's good to have a 'small things' kind of day.

No update yet on the house really. The photos have been taken and it should go online shortly. We did have one viewing last Friday evening - husband only as wife was ill. He 'loved the house', but apparently, over the weekend, one of their parents became seriously ill, so they've shelved the idea of moving for the time being. We are now returning to plan A which was to start the viewings next Saturday, by which time the details should be online.
I have spoken to one of the schools I was thinking of for my youngest and they have spaces, so we will visit after the Easter holidays and view some houses at that time too. My sister-in-law has started searching from her end too as she lives in Shropshire. A while ago I had written down a list of words and short phrases which described how I envisaged my next home, both inside and outside - almost like a mood board without the pictures. I emailed them to her and she understood fully what I was looking for - I knew she would :) The very first house she sent through to me to look at, was the first one in ages where I could envisage myself living.
Everything is becoming a little more real now and I'm getting excited!
Mr D has started his consultancy work which is going well so far. I have created a storage system for his paperwork for tax purposes today. He hasn't ever been self employed, so it's a new world for him, but ages ago I worked as a PA for a local small business and have some experience of what is needed in terms of admin and paperwork. I know it will be so much easier if we get a good system set up from the off!

I'm slightly nervous to say it, but things seem to be falling into place ......


  1. Hope all goes well and that you manage to sell quickly.

  2. Good luck with selling and buying. I agree a good system for tax stuff is essential. When hubby started his business we spent ages sorting out invoices, receipts etc when it came to tax time, now its all filed by job and month and he's also getting better at keeping good notes of time spent at each job etc for billing purposes. He was a nightmare to begin with and would frequently ask me things like 'what did I do on Monday afternoon' on a Friday night. I eventually got him trained to keep his diary up to date daily! best wishes. x

    1. When I first went to work for the small business, their paperwork was chaotic, so I learnt the hard way how important a system is. I'm hoping mine is straightforward enough for us to follow it. :)