Monday, 6 June 2016

Inching forwards

Firstly, a warm welcome to Michelle - a new follower (and sister-in-law to a good friend). Hopefully you'll overlook the fact that you have joined at a rather sparse moment :)

Quick update on house situation.
Mum's house is proceeding well and they hope to move in on 20 June. My brother is going down this weekend to attack the garden and get it into a more presentable state and then bring back the last few bits from the house. I have then organised for a house clearance company to deal with the rest and then may ask my mums old cleaner to pop by for a quick wipe round.
It's been a year since my Mum died this Thursday. I can hardly believe that a whole twelve months has passed by. It's a funny thing grief. Most of the time now, I recall the funny bits and enjoy remembering back to some of the more ridiculous sides of my mother's behaviour (she wasn't easy!) with humour and fondness. As the anniversary approaches though, I feel greater sadness at missing her and the fact that she isn't here to share my news. Then, I realise that she wouldn't have been able to process any of my news anyway without it getting all confused and muddled and probably instilling panic. All in all, as harsh as it may sound, we are probably all better off with the situation as it is. I still miss the Mum she was though :(

Our house sale is also proceeding and contracts have been signed now. They are hoping to move in here early August... We have started a more earnest clear out of sheds and loft, but the main house packing will have to wait a while yet. We have had a few quotes for removals firms, but I have to say none of them inspired me much. Also why do they all talk so much?!! For heaven's sake, I don't want to know your life history, I just want you to look round, work out how big a lorry we need and tell me how much it will cost. If you have any recommendations of national firms, feel free to let me know!

Finally today (6/7 weeks after we made the offer) we have had the initial paperwork for the house we are hoping to buy. There are a few niggles and queries, but I finally have a sense that it might actually happen. I know the sellers have had an offer accepted on a house, so they might be a bit keener to move now. I have my secret 'assassin' in situ to drop subliminal messages to the present owners about moving out early August - my sister-in-law has got to know them, so is a good ally to have on the ground :)

In other news, Jet is going in for his second op on the other elbow on 14 June. We hate having to do it because he has recovered so well from the previous op and is the happiest and fittest we have seen him, BUT he needs it doing or he will have terrible issues later in life and this way he will be mostly recovered enough to enjoy his 3 acre playing field!
We took our male cat to the vets on Saturday. He's a feisty customer and took a great chunk out of Mr D's wrist when we put him in the cat carrier. We warned the vet...ha! For her he was sweetness and light, allowing her to do anything whilst he purred sweetly at her. He even hopped back into the carrier all by himself when she'd finished! Fickle or what?

Anyhow that's it for now. Nothing to write home about and no lovely pictures, but I will make it up to you soon. Thanks for continuing to pop by and leaving nice comments - I appreciate it :)


  1. It sounds as if all is going well and that you will be in your new home very soon, exciting times.

  2. It's a sad fact but you will never stop missing your mum, xxx

  3. It all seems to be moving in the right direction. Hopefully you will be in your new home very soon. As Marlene says you will never stop missing your mum but it's lovely that you now remember her with fondness. X

  4. You seem to be moving along and will be in your new home soon.

    I lost my mom 10 years ago and I still miss her.

    God bless.

  5. That twelve months has whizzed by!!

    At least there is a bit of progress on the moving front, any news is good news at this stage :-)

  6. Hooray. I'm so pleased for you and I don't even know you! The house you hope to move to looks the sort that I once dreamed of living in. I'm sure there is plenty of potential. You sound as if you are allowing yourself to get a tiny bit excited about it all now. I'm anticipating amazing posts as we are treated to sharing your new life.
    I love the blog that another Sue (whose comment is just above mine) writes and am sure yours will be really interesting too.
    Sounds as though Jet needs the next operation in order to make the most of his life. The fact that he is so much better after the first op should reassure you. Sue

    1. I love reading Sue's blog too. There are some truly inspirational blogs out there. I am really looking forward to posting before and after photos as we go along :)

  7. Our biggest disappointment on moving to France, was that Robert never got to see the property, as both he and Iris would have loved it. Of course we wouldn't have bought it had they still been with us. So bitter-sweet

    1. You might believe that they have 'seen' it in some way.... I feel my mum and dad's presence even though they are not physically here.
      I still haven't seen your beautiful house in France either!! It's on my list of things I want to do though :)

  8. It's great to join you lovely people. I'm new to following a blog and just getting used to it. I thought it would notify me if anyone posted, but just now seen a tick box so hopefully I've done it right now!
    Hopefully your buyers have moved into your mums house today and yours will follow soon. Good luck with all the sorting and packing!