Monday, 1 August 2016


I apologise in advance to Corish Chickpea for my little moan. I'm still hoping everything works out for you very soon!

Welcome to Chris, a new follower :)

OMG! I am so incredibly fed up with filling and stacking boxes, especially when I remember that this is just the first stage - I then have to empty them all again at the other end, crush them and recycle them.
I really cannot understand why you would move regularly if you didn't have to. I think next time we move, we will sell everything and move into a camper van to tour around Europe! Or just back a backpack and go round the world. Now that would be liberating!

Although when I look around at the mess I feel as if we will never be ready, I do know that we are nearly there now. My poor little house has never been this consistently messy since we moved in in 1994! It doesn't seem much point cleaning too often at this stage. I will obviously do a deep clean when they have packed everything up on Sunday.

Nearly there ...... :)


  1. Hope all goes well, the mess and the boxes will all be worth it in the end.

  2. Moving is horrendously stressful....we've done it a few times and I dread the thought that we might have to do it again at some point. The packing/unpacking just feels neverending. You have my sympathies!

  3. We own so much stuff, just keep thinning out things, you will feel better with less.

  4. We dont own that much stuff, but we have it all packed by the removal company, it is all completely insured then. They break it, they pay for it. If we pack it, it is our fault it isnt packed well enough. We learnt that on move 3.

    Might be worth doing this for your next move? In the scheme of it, it cost very little to have them pack it. They come a day or 2 days before, pack everything but the bed and the kettle a couple of cups. they keep it in the truck the morning of the move they collect your bed and off you go. All the clothes are put into cardboard cupboards. Maybe see if the removal company has some you can use? At least then you dont have to iron everything

    Good luck! Its so close!!!!! ****squeal*****

  5. I have done it four times in 6 years I know how you feel, x

  6. My husband says we should move every 5 years just to keep the "stuff" down to a manageable level.

    God bless.

  7. When I'm doing something I'm finding tedious or challenging (like going to the dentist) I just think where I'll be or what I'll be doing a week later. Just imagine...... this time next week........
    Best wishes for a smooth move.
    A small aside, why does cleaning a house one's just moved into always seem so much more exciting rather than a chore?

  8. The worst is almost over :-)

    Every time we move we declutter a hell of a lot of stuff and yet some how by the time we move again it's all back. NEXT time I will be totally minimal I swear ;-)

  9. Hi there, we have moved woohoo, now unpacking all the boxes, I don't know which is worse. Hope it all goes well for you xx