Sunday, 23 August 2015


.... Well for now at least!

Apologies I haven't posted recently, but I had the opportunity to have a week's holiday in Tenerife with an old friend of mine. Too good a chance to pass up, eh?

I love these Spanish tiles!

I had a very relaxing week in the sunshine, reading, sleeping, chatting and reflecting. I have come back browner, relaxed and reinvigorated! I think it's just what I needed after the previous few months and I'm hoping that I will be able to throw myself back into my plans now.

The perfect spot for an evening mojito :)

Prior to going away, I had slipped into the doldrums rather, feeling very lacklustre and uninspired. The summer holidays are always more tricky anyway as, with most of us being involved in education, normal routines are suspended and everyday tasks, which I normally find easy to fit in, become so much more difficult when everyone is at home! 

I've now had the chance to 'regroup' and am hoping to make progress on my to do list, which I certainly need to do, with 2 to get ready for school, one to go back to Uni and the fourth to go off to America for a year! 


  1. It must have been lovely to catch up with your friend...and enjoy some warmer weather. All the best, Jx

  2. Sounds like it was much needed, now you can tackle the 'to do' list with renewed vigour. x

  3. A holiday is a good way of recharging the batteries and putting a new perspective on things.