Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Reporting back on house hunting

What an interesting time we had in Shropshire!

We saw the school first and that gave us a good impression, so that's one thing ticked off. We saw some more of Oswestry too and we are sure it's an excellent town to be based near. Shropshire is a very beautiful county too so that's confirmed that. Now for the houses....

The first house we had booked into see was the gorgeous stone one in one of my last posts. Online, we had all loved it. However when we arrived, it was damp, dirty, smelt strongly of dog and needed a complete revamp. The land wasn't flat and not at all appropriate for polytunnels etc. The owner was odd and didn't seem particularly keen to sell - either that or she was the worst sales person ever! She was reluctant to show us various parts, partly because she had two poor dogs shut up in the barn, which would need fumigating! Anyhow, that house, from being a top runner is now totally out of the picture.

The second house we all loved. Georgian/Victorian, heaps of original features, a wonderful homely feel, good views, in a hamlet, short walk to the pub and bus stop, good land totalling 3 acres and a fabulous kitchen which would suit us perfectly. I definitely would like to see that one again.

The third house had great outbuildings, but the house itself didn't flow and the 'features' were from the 70s, so would need to be ripped out. The kitchen sink wasn't in the kitchen, but down three steps into a utility area nextdoor.... . Therefore this one isn't a runner either.

We had tried to book a fourth on the Monday, but they couldn't do that and they weren't able to let us see it until Tuesday afternoon, by which time we were back on the road, so we may try to see that one next time.

I had a phone call from an estate agent about another we had tried to book to view - she was asking me if I would have children living at the property because the present owner was building himself a house right next door. She had obviously been discharged with disclosing that it would not be wise to live next door to the gentleman if we had children! The poor woman having to have that conversation with all potential viewers. She will deserve a medal if she sells that house! Needless to say we didn't even look at that one!

The first one on Tuesday was lovely, but the house was too small downstairs and there was no land, so not really appropriate without a considerable extension and buying part of the field behind.

The second was huge and on paper had absolutely everything we want. Fantastic views from upstairs in particular - great flat area for polytunnels etc, existing fruit trees and greenhouse, outhouses. The only problem? Mr D didn't like it - not sure why, but he didnt. It probably didn't help that it was empty and needed some tlc. For me, it's my second favourite.

The third was another huge house, with a good sized garden, decent views AND a holiday let, already up and running so income generation potential. BUT and it was a big but, I could hear traffic constantly. In fact, I was probably aware of more traffic there than I am here! For me it's an absolute deal breaker, which disappointed Mr D because that was his favourite! There would be nothing you could do about it either. It didn't help that the farmer who owned the field nextdoor, had submitted planning permission to build 19 (!!!) houses on it!

We now need to spend some time discussing which to see again, when to go back etc. I think it's going to be a long haul......

Now I need to finish off the paperwork for selling mums house, check in progress with selling our house and get all the suitcases put away! I did sometimes wonder if a 'quiet,simple life' is just a pipe dream.....


  1. You'll get there in the end and all your hard work will become a thing of the past when you realise your dream.

  2. Hang on in there, we took ages to find something we both liked, not perfect, lots of work but lots of potential. It is annoying when you get to the property to discover it's nothing like the estate agents described!!

  3. We had a couple of viewings that did not match the details and it is so annoying but you will find what you are looking for and when you do I think you will KNOW!

  4. I often think the house viewing process makes you appreciate your own so much more. Keep at it. The right place is out there waiting for you. X

  5. Agents are very good at stretching and embellishing the truth, all sounds positive you will find the one that you all feel you could make home :-)

  6. Your house hunting trip sounds "fun"!Our quiet simple life started on a quiet road which gradually got busier as the years went on! Strange thing is there is less traffic on our road in Ipswich than there was out in the middle of nowhere at Knodishall.
    I hope you find THE place very soon.

  7. Its not a pipe dream lovely, when you are in the right place at the right time it will happen I am a firm believer that everything in life is down to timing. Having grown and up and lived in Shropshire I can firmly say its a beautiful county the style of houses are gorgeous, the countryside beautiful and friendly people to. Keep searching your dream house is just waiting for you, dee x

  8. Good luck with the hunt, I just read your post 'my vision', I hope you find your perfect plot, it is my dream, but husbands nightmare. So I will follow you on your journey.

    1. Yes, my husband doesn't really want what I want either, so we are having to compromise on a huge amount. I have fears it won't work, but I feel I have to try! Welcome to the blog :)

  9. House hunting can be such an adventure. We have not been in about 5 years but we will be moving cities again so that is something I need to start thinking about. Sometime I wonder why we do not just rent because all of the moving and selling every few years is exhausting. Maybe we will rent the next time.

    Julia Stewart @ Daytona Buyers Agent