Wednesday, 14 September 2016

No longer in the pink

I think I must be boring everyone with my constant talk of painting and decorating! I have to say, I was right royaley hacked off half way through painting that back bedroom so I can imagine it's not hugely interesting to you either!
My plan is to get the house as sorted as we can before the growing season starts, so I can be freed up to start on the plot. I haven't even thought about that really yet other than to keep walking around the three acres in a state of joy and disbelief that it is ours! The view from up there across the Shropshire Plains is stunning. It'll be a wonder if I ever get anything done :)

We had a very pretty sunrise this morning

Photo taken from my son's room, which is ironic seeing as he is never awake early enough to see a sunrise....unless he's coming back from a night out of course!

Today has seen more painting. The front door is no longer a ghastly shade of baby pink! I have chosen 'Lichen', a Farrow and Ball shade, which is a tad more subtle.

We are now only left with one pink wall in the hallway, an extremely pink downstairs shower room and pink tiles behind the Stanley stove (!!) - once they are all gone, we will have obliterated all traces of pink. I didn't used to mind pink particularly but I am a lot less fond of it now.

I also finished off painting a chest of drawers for the white bedroom. We just need to source a double bed and a wardrobe in there now. She had a triple wardobe, but it won't fit round the return on the stairs, so it's in our bedroom.

We've had the piano tuned today too. When we moved in, the removals van was too big to get up the drive, so Mr D and the four removals men had to carry the piano up the garden (it's not a small garden!). Now it's had a chance to settle, we felt it deserved to be properly tuned. It took four hours!

We will also get the chimneys swept in the next week, so we can start getting ready for the cooler weather. One is an open fireplace and the other has a wood burner in it. The wood burner looks like it needs some repair work before being safe to light. So far, I haven't found the house cold at all, which is good considering the large rooms and high ceilings. The weather today started out boiling and then rapidly turned to heavy rain, thunder and lightning. We see it all up here - you feel much closer to the weather and I presume we will to the seasons too, which is great.


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    1. Grrrr! Bloody Google keep messing with it so it never seems to work the same way. I sent them a rude message. As soon as I can work it out, I'll add the photos.

  2. Can't wait to see the photos. Hope you get it sorted out very soon.

    God bless.

  3. Looking forward to seeing the photos. We have a stove and it is a wonderful addition to the cooler months I use it to boil the kettle and cook stews/soups on so saves money on electricity.

  4. It sounds like you are keeping very busy. I hated the decorating of the house when we first moved here, it's nice when it's finished and you can stand back and admire but the actually doing it drives me mad.

    You will have all Winter too plan out what you want to do with your land and maybe even start putting some of the hard landscaping in place while everything is dormant. Come Spring you are going to be rushed off your feet ... but in a good way :-)