Friday, 16 September 2016

Still no photos

I have no idea what Google are up to with their photos. I can only assume they are tweaking, but in doing so certain features disappear, so I am left unable to upload again! It drives me totally barmy, but I will try to remain zen like about it because it really isn't worth stressing over. I may end up posting a couple of post with just photos.

I picked 7.5 kg of damsons on Wednesday. I made one batch of jam then and took jars round to the neighbours as one of the trees technically belongs to them, but they were more than happy for me to pick the fruit in exchange for jam. There are still plenty on the trees, so I can feel a batch of damson gin coming on next. 
I ended up making 25 jars of jam, plus a part filled one which we will use. Getting the stones out is a bloody nightmare. I wait until I add the sugar and they mostly float to the surface, before painstakingly spooning them out. Does anyone have a better plan? I certainly didn't remove them all, but a good number of them ended up in the chicken run along with a good coating of the fruity syrup - the ladies were pleased. 

We bought a wooden double bed for £20 from Gumtree on Thursday, which I then painted (white of course). It looks very nice in my daughter's bedroom and is perfectly comfortable. I'm going to do a swap with my sister in law - a wardrobe for the white bedroom in exchange for several chicken run panels that are now excess to our requirements. Perfect! 

Our next purchase probably needs to be a new built in oven. I could get the part, but it has really seen better days and I'm wondering if it's a false economy. I also want to buy a big chest deep freeze to go in the utility room, so I can order both to be delivered. 

I have submitted my sketches for the extension I'd like to build, to be considered by the local council in a pre-application process. It seems like a good idea to get an initial verdict on whether it may pass or not before paying for the services of an architect. There's nothing too contentious so hopefully it will be ok.

Jet had his stitches out this morning and the vet is very pleased with his progress. He has to go back in two weeks for ' a cuddle and a biscuit'. I think the vet likes him.

Back soon :) 


  1. nothing like a good barter, fingers crossed for your plans

  2. Glad to hear Jet is on the mend. Hope all goes well with your extension application it can be a long drawn out process so well worth a pre-application.

  3. Hope you get the okay on your extension plans.

    God bless.

  4. Am delighted that Jet is doing so well but concerned that you seem to have stopped blogging. Hope that you are ok and just too busy at the moment. Sue

  5. Am really missing your blog and hoping they you are all ok.
    Take great care, Sue

  6. hey hope your ok hows the house going?

  7. Hope everything is okay. xx

  8. I,too, am missing your blogging. Hope all is well.

  9. Would love to hear how you are getting on x

  10. Hope that you are ok and just too busy at the moment. Sue