Sunday, 20 November 2016

The front door

Just a really short post today, but plenty more room makeover posts to come yet!!

You may remember that even the front door was pink...

Well no longer's now 'Lichen' another Farrow and Ball colour made up in an exterior eggshell finish. Our local independent decorators merchants are brilliant. They are great for advice and tips, but also very helpful in making up all sorts of paints in my favourite Farrow and Ball colours. It's saved us a lot of money and the base paints they use have been of very good quality too. They'd need to be for that amount of coverage! We have also used lots of white which is cheaper of course - I think we are at 40litres used now and I'm on my third tub of white gloss too.

Much nicer to come home to, although now the winter months are setting in, we are training ourselves to use the back door more often as it leads straight into a boot room.
Along with the extension, we are aiming to have an oak framed porch added to the front to provide shelter from the weather.


  1. Replies
    1. I don't normally veer towards greens, but this is predominantly grey which is a colour I do like!

  2. It looks stunning. Great idea to use the back door, saves all those muddy footprints.

  3. Using the back door all the time? - Yep, you are definitely a country person now!

  4. You are doing a fabulous job and your colour choices are just gorgeous-x-

  5. It's been a long time since we've used a front door into one of our homes :-)

    I love the colour that you have chosen for the door and yes, that front is just crying out for a timber framed porch, it will balance the house out nicely AND of course be somewhere to kick off muddy wellies.


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