Monday, 18 January 2016

Winnie the Pooh day

I am informed by Mr D that today is Winnie the Pooh Day..... :)

Sometimes our weekends are one long list of jobs to do, errands to run, places to be etc.. and whilst that gets things achieved, you can sometimes get to Monday morning feeling exhausted and a tad disappointed!

This weekend was much better however. As I mentioned in my last post, Mr D and I had a rare evening alone on Friday, so we're able to share a nice dinner for two. I even had some candles, although I kept thinking about the Trust me I'm a Doctor programme and the formaldehyde being released from scented candles!!

Saturday got drains cleared, the dreaded tax return completed and sent off, errands done, two loads of washing done and a favour for our elderly neighbours. I made a loaf of bread and Mr D and I had homemade bread, a selection of my jams and marmelades and a pot of tea whilst watching some good TV in the afternoon. It felt very cosy and a bit 'decadent'. In the evening, Mr D went out for a while, so I cooked my son one of his favourite dinners - calamari with garlicky mayonnaise with a glass of chilled white. It's great when your children become adults!

On Sunday, Mr D and I had a bit of a lie in - also a rarity! We awoke to a dusting of snow. Jet was nearly tipped over into complete mad skit with the excitment of the white stuff - good job he was on a lead!
One of us is always up early - Mr D during the week as he leaves for work at 7 and I rise first on the weekends and school holidays to deal with the animals. We chatted about the day ahead, with a cup of tea in the snugness of our bed - bliss!
Once up, daily tasks were completed, then Mr D corrected school reports and I wrote a first draft response to the investigation report into the lead up to my mother's death. Not a pleasant job for either of us, but it felt good to get things done. It's amazing how just ticking off some jobs off my list, lifts my mood!
For lunch we had a very basic ploughmans with the remainder of the bread, some home made chutney, apple, cheese and tomato. It would have been perfect if the tomato and apple had been homegrown!
Mr D cooked a slow roasted beef casserole for tea and we finished off the day with another couple of episodes on Netflix.

A restful, but productive weekend. I now need to clean the house and get some washing done!


  1. It is a good feeling to those unpleasant jobs done out of the way, sounds like a lovely week end :-)

  2. I completely agree with you about ticking off jobs. I have two things I don't want to tackle at present but I have to. I know,it wont be as bad as I'm imagining it to be.

    1. It's often the way isn't it? The thought of it, is often worse than the reality! Good luck with your tasks :)

  3. Once I get round to my list I will need both hands to do the jobs and tick them off. I am not going to anxt about it though. Well done on kissing the ugly frog first. Much better to start with then worst job and work towards the better ones. I always start with the ironing!!

    1. I'm not sure we should be describing Mr D as an 'ugly frog' !!! :)
      Seriously though, I just had to get my act together and do something .... Anything ..... Just to start making some progress! My next 'ugly frog' job is to remove and replace the airing cupboard ceiling... Preferably before the rest of it falls down on its own!
      I actually like ironing, so that would be later on my list :)

  4. It sounds just like our weekend was, some necessities but some good times thrown in too. We all need more times like these.