Monday, 5 October 2015

Cut by a third in one fell swoop!

I had all my chicks back in the nest this weekend, which was lovely. Eldest daughter came back from Uni for the weekend to say goodbye to daughter number two, who has just taken off on her flight to America for a year. We had a lovely weekend, helped by the gorgeous weather. Lots of leisurely meals, dog walks in the woods and along the Thames followed by more food and relaxed chat. There was laughter and a wonderful sense of quality family time.

I'm at the front - they're all taller than me now! 

We have just returned from Heathrow having gone, en famille, to see her off. She was so excited! A few tears were shed by us though!
Back home now for a quick tea before eldest daughter catches the train back up to Derby. So we will have gone from six down to three in the space of a few hours :(
It will feel very quiet again and I imagine my ever present 'cloak' will feel rather heavier this week, but I have lots on my to do list, so I shall keep myself busy. A sense of progress always helps keep me positive.


  1. I sympathise. We went from 5 to 3 in a short time too. The good thing is that eventually they all come back! Your laundry will be much lighter too in the meantime. Sending you good wishes.

  2. Our son is in the Uni up the Road, we see him about twice a week briefly, but it is so strange in a empty house x

  3. It's very strange when they all spread their wings, but I always saw it that I had instilled enough confidence in them to allow them to do that, and gave myself a pat on the back instead of feeling too down. Yes, the house is emptier but they all still think of it as home and will return over and over in the years to come.

    It's an exciting time for all concerned, although I agree a farewell at an airport seems so sad. As you walk away it's as though a little bit of you is missing, no matter who it is you're seeing off.

  4. I remember quite vividly the day we all trooped to Heathrow to bid our eldest daughter goodbye. She was flying to Australia on a two year visit visa and we ere al very sad. The tears openly flowed as she went from checkin through to departure, she turned one last time to look at us with sheer terror in her eyes. She screamed mum I've left my bank card in my handbag on my bed !!! I have very little money without it. I gave her my bank card and number. Once settled she was able to open an account and transferred one account into the other. Problem sorted. We still laugh about it now!

  5. They will be back! I know - been there!