Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Fun and games!

We seem to have accumulated rather a lot of CDs. And boy is it an eclectic collection. Everything from 15th century Gregorian chant to Iron Maiden, with 70s disco in between.

I think the sunlight made this photo look all soft focus?

When we moved in, 21 years ago, we had none - not even a CD player. We were given our first CD by a friend who didn't like it, but now have rather a lot! At one point, they all fitted neatly in two slender, tall CD racks either side of the piano, but as our collection grew, they were starting to spread and look untidy.

I didn't count them, but it's about 200 or so. This was the sorting stage which was therapeutic.

Friends of ours moved house recently and passed on some bits of wood, knowing I am a secret hoarder of all things useful! My house is clear of clutter, the shed however ......but that's a whole other story.
BUT, those stashed away bits of wood, have meant that i could build some shelves for the CDs for free.
I actually think I need a fourth shelf, because it would look neater to have all the CDs on shelves and the top of the bureau clear, but I'll work on that.
The most fun I had was alphabetising the CDs - very zen for me!
The least fun I had was drilling holes in old walls - you start with a small hole and before you know it, half the blinking wall has fallen out in dust all over your feet! Aargh! Fortunately, for me, the neighbours and the walls, I went out for lunch half way through so had a chance to calm down before finishing off the job.
One day maybe, I'll do things in straight lines? Or maybe I'll buy an even older house where wonky is fashionable......yes, that's a much better idea!
Still, it all made a nice change from making jam.

Ps. I had a letter addressed to Mum today, forwarded from her house. It was from the pensions office telling her they were going to visit her and giving a date and time. I left them a curt message pointing out how difficult they may find that! They did, at least have the courtesy to ring me back and

apologise. Inefficiency irritates me.


  1. My what a lot of CD's. My father received a hospital appointment at the hospital where he died a month after he died! Like you I was angry. I asked them how was it possible as we all have a unique number on 'their' systems. Their excuse...Oh one computer didn't currently talk to another computer!!

    1. It seems I underestimated the number of CDs - Mr D tells me it's more like 400!! No wonder they were spreading everywhere! Good job they have a new home.
      It is a worry that so many large organisations are so poor at coordinating information.

  2. We used to have lots of CDs too but then we bought a Brennan and loaded them all on that and just kept our absolute favourites for playing in the car.

    Your shelves look brilliant, last time I put shelves up I just used No Nails and some little tacks to hold the shelves in place until it set ... it worked a treat. I wonder if the shelves are still up ... I sold the house a couple of years later!! My Dad would never sit under the shelves for some reason :-)