Friday, 11 December 2015

Bucket list

I've never written a bucket list before, which is surprising for someone like me who is always looking to the future for new things to do and new ways to live! For some reason today, the thought popped into my head so I started jotting down a few ideas. I found it surprisingly tricky actually. I suspect I was holding myself back from writing some things, knowing that they would be difficult to achieve or unlikely to happen, but of course the whole point of a bucket list is that it is inspirational or indeed aspirational. I haven't set myself a time frame yet either.

1. Visit Italy
2. Go on a hot air balloon ride
3. Move house
4. Sell something I have made myself
5. Make a quilt
6. Knit/crotchet a blanket
7. Go back to the Maldives
8. Make my own cheese/butter
9. Walk the entire Thames Path
10. Holiday in a canal boat
11. Visit Harrogate
12. Visit Scotland
13. Visit Ireland including Dublin
14. Plant and orchard and fruit garden
15. Make a willow basket
16. Throw a pot (in a potters wheel way, rather than in a tantrum!)
17. Achieve and maintain a healthy weight
18. Start up yoga again
19. Visit Boston in the Fall
20. Catch my own fish, cook it and eat it outdoors
21. Cuddle a monkey (orangutan ideally, but any monkey would do)
22. Milk a goat
23. Finish the family tree
24. Make my own fresh pasta
25. Bid for something at an auction
26. Eat lobster
27. Donate blood
28. Have a go at archery
29. Sleep in a tree house
30. Feed lambs
31. Learn ballroom dancing
32. Make a huge free form paint canvas
33. Learn to crotchet

Well that's it so far. It is far from exhaustive and I'm sure I'll add to it as I think of more places I'd like to visit, but it's a start. Now I need to work out how to make a separate page in the blog so I can store it for my reference!


  1. What fun!! There's no way I'd go on a balloon ride.....

    1. I've always wanted to do that, but hate heights....I've been up in a balloon but it was tethered so not quite the same as drifting across the countryside below!

  2. What a brilliant list.
    I've done 3.several times and 4. at the Country markets.8.(failure) 10. 12. and 14.
    (worst thing about moving is missing the orchard!) 22. Twice a day for years! 25.and 27.(fainted!)and 30. - lots - even in the middle of the night.
    Rather you than me with 21. but if you do 19. I'll come too :-)

    1. Laughingly, the last time i tried to donate blood, they refused me. I didn't weigh enough!!!! Doubt if that would ever be the case again :) I was in my early twenties then and super slim.......sigh!

  3. What a great list! Boston in the Fall sounds wonderful. I think I will have to make a list of my own. Tank you for the inspiration!

    1. A few people have done them including Cornish Chickpea - it's interesting thinking about the things that might be regrets of you hadn't done them.....

  4. Great list, I've done a few of those things, don't know what would be on my bucket list.

    1. No they are trickier to compile than you might think!

  5. I don't have a bucket list, but I do have lots of dreams. One of them is to make and use my own willow basket :). Pam in Norway

    1. Cornish Chickpea made her own and they looked lovely.

  6. Several of yours are on my list too. I have ticked a few off this year and it feels great. Hope to hear about ones that you do