Thursday, 10 December 2015

Celebrating diversity

No I haven't suddenly decided to follow recent government advice to promote diversity and tolerance!

However, it is something that is close to my heart. I have been blessed in my life to have been able to get to know people of many faiths and different backgrounds. For one who doesn't exactly lead a cosmopolitan lifestyle, I am still surrounded by an eclectic group of friends and family. We many of us share similar values, as you might expect from a group of loved ones, but we do not all share the same opinions or belief sets. My life is all the richer for this variety and it has helped shape the person I am today.

The blogs that I enjoy reading reflect this. I generally read blogs written by people who have a similar outlook on life, BUT they are written from different standpoints. Some are living the life, some still aspiring to it. Some live a simpler life in a rural setting, some in an urban one. Some live this way because they have to, some because it's a lifestyle choice. Some bloggers are younger, some have graced this earth a while longer. I am grateful for the fascinating insight into so many people's daily lives and relish my daily dose of blog reading. I don't always agree with what is written, but I am always interested to read it.

I, for one, am very pleased to be able to celebrate the diversity available to me through a few taps of the keys. It has supported me, nourished me, informed me and entertained me over the last 18 months. I feel as if I know some of you, though of course I don't - please keep blogging and I will keep reading and commenting where appropriate or relevant.

Thank heavens for diversity - life would be incredibly dull without it x


  1. What a lovely post! Yes we are all different, even though as you say many of us have similar interests but possibly from a different standpoint. I too love reading about other people's ways of doing things that I also do, but in a different way. I don't like Christmas, but respect the fact that most people do and celebrate it in whatever way they choose.

  2. Blogland is very inspirational and has good and not so good bits to it.

  3. This is the first post that I'm commenting after my break.............. BRILLIANT! JX

    1. Wonderful on two counts - one that you are back and two that you liked the post :) will be by interested to read your first post to see how you are getting on! :)

  4. Wonderful post today !

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Hear Hear, well said. Diversity is the spice of life and long may it reign :-)