Thursday, 25 February 2016

Another bedroom completed

Having made good progress downstairs yesterday, I made my way upstairs today. The target in my sights was my youngest daughter's bedroom. It's not a big room and two summers ago, before she started at secondary school, we completely refurbed it to make it a little more 'grown up' for her.
Her room contains the bulk head from the stairs so I had the brainwave that if we sliced her wardrobe up, we could mount the cupboard section of it on the top of the bulk head to save floor space. Once that was done, we chopped up her desk and built that in too, along with some deep shelves to the side and shallower book shelves below. Her bed JUST fits in.
The drawers from the wardrobe had castors added and roll underneath her bed for added clothes storage.
I also found her a cute little wall mounted dressing table and mirror.

When the room is clean and tidy, it looks great. Needless to say, it's not often like that for long :(

I had aimed to just give it a good sort and deep clean because my daughter had gone through all the non necessary items she wanted to keep and boxed them up. Unfortunately, when I started to clean, I realised the walls were filthy. I can't decide if it's pollution from the road (scary thought!) or soot from her candles, but I had to completely redecorate the room. I had tried to wipe the walls down, but it just smeared :(

Anyway, it's all done now and looks very cute again. The challenge now is to keep it that way!

With having been away and then being busy, I haven't been shopping for food, so the cupboards and fridge are extremely bare! I made soup with three very sad parsnips, 3 carrots, 2 potatoes, half an onion and a clove of garlic with spices and chicken stock from the deep freeze. To accompany the soup, I decided to try a soda bread as I had buttermilk in the deepfreeze. It was really nice with a lovely crunchy crust. Mr D classed it as a success :) 


  1. The room looks really pretty. What a great use of space . You have been a busy bee. I started painting my mirror. At the first stage it looks extremely dull and dark. So I'm hoping when I brush the lighter colour on it will brighten up !

    1. Morning you! Make sure you send me a photo when you've finished. I was eyeing pine furniture in the other bedroom yesterday thinking it would look great with a makeover! Must finish one job before I start on another! I ache all over today - must be from crawling under beds retrieving goodness knows what :(

    2. What a lovely room.....small but perfectly formed! It's so important to make the best use of space and get the storage right in a small room isn't it?

    3. Yes it was very tight and she had to pack away 2/3 of her old belongings when we first di the makeover. Then it was still toys - now it's clothes and makeup!

  2. I appreciate the constructiveness of your room. You chose right light colors, they make the room large. There are a lot of nice details.

  3. Beautiful room. The bread looks delicious I am afraid I cheat and use a bread making machine.

  4. I love the mirror and drawers idea. I need to steal it for myself. Perfect solution when floor space is limited.

  5. The room is lovely. Your bread looks great! I have made soda bread for quite a long time and love putting lots of different flavours into it. At Christmas I put cranberries in it and I love sunflower seeds or thyme for yumminess.