Saturday, 11 April 2015

A quiet day of rest and recuperation

I knew that the heady mix of adrenaline, nervous energy and wine consumption from the last few days would wear off and sure enough after a much better night's sleep, I awoke needing a quiet day!
Mr D and I have pottered about today, doing a food shop, some washing, a bit of paperwork, some light gardening and whilst he went out for a run, I had a snooze on the settee. (There may have been football on the TV which acts like a sleeping pill to me anyway!)
The cats were obviously also in the same frame of mind. When I went through the conservatory to go into the garden, I found them both enjoying the warmth and sunshine 😃

I now feel much more rested and ready for some lovely weather this next week?!


  1. I hope we do get some lovely weather next week, it's dismal here today :-(

    Cats get it right don't they, the minute they feel tired they find the warmest most comfortable spot to snooze ... and they don't even need a football match to bore them to sleep!

    1. My two, especially the male black cat, seems to be able to sleep all night AND all day! Not a bad life!

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    1. Thanks! I missed blogging and reading other people's blogs whilst I was away x