Monday, 25 May 2015

Yin and yang

Firstly thank you again for the wonderfully kind comments you are leaving. They feel like lots of hugs when I read them :) Just so you can picture me, I'm sitting in MY chair in my Mum's sunporch writing this :)
Mum has rallied a little and the cottage hospital are fantastic, so I've been able to pop in a couple of times a day for 20 mins to an hour. She's in her own room which is flooded with light and they are ensuring she is comfortable and settled. She saw Mr D and mumbled "He looks a lot like my son in law", which made me smile :) Each minute I've had where she's been awake is being treated as an added and unexpected bonus by me! It's tough, but I am fortunate to have time to work through the process so I too will be at peace when I leave Devon this time.

Mr D and I have balanced the Yin with plenty of Yang. On Saturday it was a glorious day. Mum's house and garden looked spectacular when we drove up - I would have bought it on that alone!! We went for a lovely walk along the coast from Sharpam Point to Mansands, where I paddled and Mr D skimmed stones (I know, some of us never grow up fully!) The photos aren't great quality. I didn't bring my camera, not imagining that we'd have many photo opportunities. Silly me!



Yesterday we walked through Galmpton, past my old school and down to the River Dart. It really is very beautiful here, IF you avoid the real touristy areas. As you can see, the sun was shy yesterday!

One thing I have noticed is the superb number of wild flowers. My Mum taught me all the names of the flowers when we went for walks. I had forgotten some and needed to look them up when I got back, but the woods and hedgerows are looking resplendent this May in Devon. I saw red campion, buttercups, daisies, margarites, herb Robert, speedwell, chickweed, cow parsley, old mans beard, gorse, ramsons, dandelions, bluebells and a whole host more. Is it just me, or are wild flowers making a resurgence?

On a separate note, isn't it odd that Chinese culture has the negative, dark force of Yin as feminine and the positive, bright force of Yang as masculine? In Western culture, I feel it would be reversed?


  1. I'm so pleased you have managed to find some peace in what must be a very stressful time for you all. It sounds like the hospital have been wonderful which must be reassuring. Beautiful photographs. I always think it helps to 'ground' yourself with nature. X

  2. Lovely photos with not a person in sight. I know all the names of wold flowers from walking backwards and forwards to school everyday from ages 5 - 11, something children on school buses and in cars miss out on.
    It's good to hear you are having some good moments with your mum.

  3. Lovely photos, we used to go on Nature walks when I was at Primary School. When we got back to the classroom we had to write a list of what we had seen and draw it.Now of course the lanes are either closed off or part of housing estates.

  4. A difficult time for you - take care of yourself, you are going to have to be strong.

  5. Such difficult times... I'm glad that your Mum is being well cared for and that you are close by. Jx

  6. The photos are lovely, the light is amazing. It's always nice to grab some good moments when you can. And I agree about Yin and Yang, I've always felt it should be reversed.