Thursday, 12 March 2015

A bit more planting

I'm struggling to get motivated this morning, so I thought that a little gentle pottering in the garden, might just set me up for the day........

I potted up my butternut squash. I thought I only had two germinate, but as I tipped out the spent compost,  I realised another one was just starting to sprout, so I've potted that on too just in case!
I have also sown cucumber, summer squash and courgette to bring on in the conservatory. The tomatoes are coming along nicely and will be ready to pot on in a week or so.

Two weeks ago, I sowed some basil, pepper and chilli seeds which haven't germinated yet. I might give them one more week and then I'll try again.

The sweet peas and coriander are coming along nicely and hopefully the runner beans will pop their heads up soon too.

 I was starting to gather too many seeds for my original container, so I hunted around in the shed for something else to store them in for now. I rather like my repurposed wine gift box! On it's side, it makes an excellent container for now. I'll find a tin with a lid to store them in the dark at the end of the season, but this helps me keep them all in one place.
It would be wonderful to have a greenhouse, rather than fill my conservatory with seedlings, but I don't have space for one, so needs must!!
I might plant the onion and shallot sets today, put in my new rhubarb crown and bag up my final three potato bags and then I shall feel as if things are moving along a pace :)
This weather is truly a gift isn't it?


  1. Looks like its coming along nicely x

    1. Slowly but surely! I do enjoy seeing the seedlings grow and of course eating the end produce! :)

  2. I so admire people who can grow their own veg. All I've manager to do is produce a slug farm when I've tried.

    1. I get quite nasty with slugs - collecting them at dusk and dropping them into a bucket of hot salty water!! I don't use any chemicals, so it will be a constant battle. I'll keep you posted!