Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Hi! I've not posted for the last couple of days because I went up to visit my sister in Nottingham. By golly, does she spoil us when we go there! Wonderful food as ever and because I took me eldest (Gluten Free and Vegan), my sister rose magnificently to the new challenge and cooked up some fabulous recipes for her to eat.
Jamie Oliver's, nut roast with mushrooms, tofu and spinach - delicious! 

Back home now though and thinking about all the little jobs I need to get done. So what am I actually doing? Reading everyone's blogs and writing on mine!!
I have managed to make another two containers of washing liquid this morning at least. I've also written a list and done one load of washing, so not an entirely wasted morning! 
The challenge of finding appropriate care for my Mum continues! For the uninitiated, this process is far from simple, particularly when you aren't close by! Due to her complex needs, there are only three homes in her area that are equipped to take her. One said yes, but I said no! Another one said yes, then changed their minds. The third is full with a long waiting list. The first one now has another place and I suspect that because Mum is in a hospital bed - bed blocking - she will have to move there, at least for the time being. Thank heavens that Mum isn't aware of all of this at least! It really is a case of one step forwards, three steps back. Perhaps this home will turn out to be just what Mum needs and my initial reservations (not founded on much more than instinct to be fair) will turn out to be unjustified!
We are off for our annual holiday next week. I have booked a week in a cottage in the Gower area of Wales, so I'm hoping for dry weather and some sunshine if at all possible so we can fit in lots of walks and I can play with my new camera which was my Birthday present at the weekend! There are a lot of buttons on it and all the instructions are in German! I did do my degree in German and French, but it was a VERY long time ago and it's very technical. Where we are staying is very remote, no TV, no internet, no phone! It will be a test for the teenagers amongst us, but also means that I won't be blogging at all next week - I haven't dropped off the face of the earth, just hibernating in rural Wales! I'm hoping to have some lovely photos to post the week after! Here is a link to where we are staying....its isolation looks magnificent to me :)

So, if I don't speak to you before hand, have a wonderful Easter break and I wish you all a peaceful, rewarding and gentle week ahead x 


  1. Have a lovely holiday, it looks really nice. Nothing can beat a bit of isolation. Enjoy. xx

  2. Have a good holiday, it sounds very peaceful. Fingers crossed for lovely photos

  3. Such a hard decision to make finding a home for your mum. I hope you have a lovely break away in the wilderness xx

  4. have a great holiday. The Gower is a beautiful place.

  5. I hope you have a lovely relaxing holiday x