Thursday, 19 March 2015

Home made treasures (Part one)

There are certain possessions dotted around my home that bring me particular pleasure because they have either been made by myself or my children or made for us by creative friends. I thought I would give you a little guided tour of my home made treasures and perhaps others could post some photos of their favourite little treasures?
I'm going to start from the back of the house in the conservatory...

Pebbles brought back from our holiday in Yorkshire, painted with acrylics.

Framed cards - the top one was from my eldest daughter last Mothers Day. I loved the colours!

This was a handmade card from my neighbour which was so beautiful it deserved to be framed!

My little seaside hanging made from driftwood collected from the beach at Staithes and recycled Galt  beads from my childhood

In my kitchen and dining room .....

I made these little magnetic d├ęcoupage hearts as take-home gifts for my youngests Birthday party guests one year. This was my daughter's one. 

Painted by my eldest many many years ago! 

Painted by my youngest many years ago! 

My eldest daughter has been teaching herself cross stitch and embroidery. These are two of her earliest efforts. She's an absolute natural at it!

This Batik was made for me by a friend from my earliest teaching days. I love the colours in it!

One of our most recent acquisitions by another old friend who is a talented artist now living in the very beautiful North Devon. Again, I was drawn in by the stunning blues (my favourite colour!) 

Tomorrow, I'll continue the tour through the hall and upstairs. I'd love to see any home made, personalised gifts you have made or received. There's something so special about being able to look at an item and remember the person who made it at the same time as admiring the treasure itself!


  1. Wow you have a lot of beautiful treasures in your home,looking forward to part two x