Friday, 20 March 2015

Home made treasures (part two)

Moving on through the house....
In the bathroom we had a canvas made up from a photograph taken by either myself or one of my two eldest daughters (none of us could quite remember!). The bathroom is all very light and neutral in colour,  but the accent colours are chocolate and orange! 

This is so cheerful and because I was working in a school at the time, the Tech department made up the frame for me and printed it off for £7.50! 

In the hallway....
Illustrations of my three eldest children by the same North Devon artist - Rachel Shute - who did the mussels painting in the dining room. I used to childmind her son when he was very little. 

This was made for us by the parents of one of our students (we met whilst teaching at the same school)who was also our bridesmaid. Her mother made the cross stitch and her dad made the frame. All the pictures have meaning from our adored Golden Retriever to the ' key to learning'. The white flowers at the sides are the bryony flower.

In the upstairs cloakroom...
My husband wrote me a song and recorded it with a friend who was Head of Music at their school. It was my Christmas present and made me cry! Soppy old soul he is! 

Final instalment tomorrow! X 


  1. Beautiful Pictures, we live in North Devon, I am a bit soppy, doesn't take much to set me off.

  2. rachel's pieces are on sale at Everything Westward. I believe they sell a lot of items from local artists. I haven't been to the shop yet, but I can imagine it would be like a child in a sweetie shop for me as I love handmade crafts and I love the seaside having grown up by it! Many years ago we looked at moving to North Devon, but it didn't quite work out timings wise 😔