Saturday, 21 March 2015

home made treasures - final part

And now on to the bedrooms...

Ours first..
The final piece from artist Rachel Shute, given to me the same Christmas I received my husband's song. I shed a few tears that year!

In my son's room....
He and his father are Manchester City fans, so when he moved into his own bedroom, I took his first kit and made it up into a framed piece. When I look at him now, it's hard to believe he ever fitted into it! 

My youngest daughter's room...

A d├ęcoupaged box to match her vintage style room.

The frame I made her for Christmas this year

A take home gift from a friend's birthday party. A lovely idea! 

A memento of her babyhood x 

 Daughter number two's room...
The fabric covered door handles I made her this Chrismas.

The chairs I upcycled. The green for daughter number two and the pink to match my youngest daughter's room. 

My eldest daughter's bedroom is a war zone, so even if there are treasures up there, it would be difficult to see them! This is one of her pieces from GCSE Art which fortunately was just inside the hatch (she has the loft room). It's a shame I couldn't locate more of her beautiful embroidery pieces.... 

 Well that ends the tour of some of my home made treasures. They bring me joy every day and I'm looking to create many more, which I will of course blog about! Eventually I aim to have a totally individualised home full of hand crafted items and wonderful memories .
Have a fabulous weekend x 


  1. I have really enjoyed your tour of the wonderful craft in your home. It would be hard to choose a favourite!

  2. This is what makes a house a home, lots of treasures that really mean something to those that gave and those that received them. A lovely tour of your most treasured pieces, it's been a privilege to see them all, thank you. xx

  3. Thank you! I now need to start work on the next pieces! My eldest daughters said they'd like crotchet blankets and quilts for their future children - a long way off (I hope) but seeing as I don't know how to crotchet and haven't mastered my sewing machine yet, it may take me a while :)

  4. What a lovely tour. I hereby crown you Craft Queen. I saw so many things that I admired, like those fabric covered door handles and those chairs... nice. You know, it's been a little while since I've stopped by, but I enjoyed this post so much, I know that I won't wait so long between visits next time. Thanks for sharing and I hope you're enjoying your week so far... :)

    1. Hello again! I'm really glad you enjoyed the tour. I was really happy to be able to 'display' some of the items that give me so much pleasure! I hope you pop by again!