Monday, 13 July 2015

25 insights

I've read a number of blogs recently where the author has put up 25 interesting facts about themselves. I can't promise the following will be of interest, but here goes:-

1. I will eat everything except mushy peas, tinned spaghetti hoops and pot noodles. Oh and Turkish delight!
2. I learned to plait hair on my grandmothers hair, which had been cut off when she was a girl and preserved in a long ponytail. Slightly macabre, but at least the previous owner of the hair was still alive and well at that point!
3. I speak fluent French although it's a little rusty at the moment from lack of use. At Uni I spent an academic year teaching in a French school with another English colleague. I was often asked if she was my English pen pal - much to her irritation!
4. I had a tattoo of a rose on my lower back in my early thirties and another one of a bird on my right ankle done about a fortnight ago. If my Mum had even known, I would NEVER have heard the last of it!!
5. My favourite colour is blue but I also love white (technically not a 'colour').
6. I love classical music, but our music collection has everything from Gregorian Chants to Iron Maiden! I don't like Iron Maiden!
8. I am both the oldest sibling and the youngest sibling. I was adopted as a baby and have an older brother. I also have two blood siblings, a sister and a brother, who are both younger than me!
9. I can't ride a bike because I have terrible balance. I was also rubbish at skiing for the same reason. My older brother taught me to ride, but it was a very frustrating experience for both of us!
10. I take sadistic pleasure in dropping slugs into boiling hot, salty water!
11. I am married to an ex stripper. Yes, Mr D once had a sideline, mostly whilst at Uni, as a stripogram. Unfortunately my Mum and Dad found out from the best man's speech at our wedding - oops!
12. My guilty pleasure is watching programmes about hoarding. It fascinates me,  although I err more on the minimalist side of things!
13. I'm rubbish at sport. I was always the last one to be picked for the school teams. I then married a PE teacher.
14. The bridesmaid at our wedding was one of our Year 10 students. She was also a guest at our Wedding Vow renewal in 2012.
15. I haven't bought a single item of clothing for 11 months, having set myself a challenge last September.
16. I have a scar on my right thigh after I caught it on a nail in a fence whilst playing kiss chase!
17. I always wanted to be a teacher, setting up my dolls and teddies as a class and taking registers!
18. In my first year of teaching, I was homeless for a short while, living out of my car and dossing on  people's settees!
19. My biggest fear is drowning. I once wanted to die rather than continue on an horrendous ferry crossing from Roscoff to Plymouth, as my sea sickness was so bad. I still get travel sick on most long journeys. My mother used to give me ground up, pink 'Joy Ride' tablets, mixed in her raspberry jam. For many years, I disliked raspberry jam because of that!
20. As a little girl I had a length of silk ribbon from an old blanket, which I would take everywhere. It was often absolutely disgusting! I wrapped it around my fore finger whilst sucking my thumb. Fortunately I grew out of it!
21. I would love to live near running water and rustling trees - two of my favourite sounds. Despite loving the sun and going brown very easily, I prefer the verdant landscapes of cooler countries to the arid, rocky landscapes of hotter climates.
22. I have no fillings and have strong nails, and until 5 years ago, had never broken a bone. Then I broke my little toe by stubbing it on a dining room chair!
23. I was given a box of chocolates by Jeffrey Archer when I was at University at a charity dinner. He was the guest speaker and I won them in the raffle. He was actually quite entertaining!
24. I worked as an usherette in Paignton Theatre; I taught English to foreign students and gave guided coach tours of London; I have worked as a barmaid and a waitress; I have been a stenographer for a lettings agent; I was a childminder; I did lots of babysitting as a teenager; I have been a PA for a local surveyor and I was an Au Pair in Austria and of course I have been a teacher.
25. And finally, my favourite place to be? My home and in particular, my garden or by bed!

Thank you to Her Indoors, Him Outdoors for inspiring me this morning!


  1. You're most welcome! And I was also a PA for a surveyor!

    1. Ha! What a coincidence. It was an interesting exercise.

  2. Replies
    1. Having lived in France, I'm not too bothered by innards, so I'd give it a go. Not guaranteeing I'd like it though!

  3. Interesting list, hate slugs and snails, use to take an extra box of salt with us when we camped so I could circle our tent with salt to keep them away.

    1. At least snails have shells that you can pick them up with to chuck in with the chickens! I truly can't see the point of slugs!

  4. Fascinating list, and you found your 25 things so easily.

    I think I would be pushing it to try and find 25 things that my readers don't know about me after blogging for 6 years. I think they would read through saying "I already know that, I already know that" .... and get very bored :-)

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks - it was fun thinking things up :)

  6. Ah, but then there are new followers who may equally be fascinated to read your facts! I would certainly like to discover new insights into the people behind the blogs!

  7. I loved your list !
    How about haggis ?

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Oh yes, I like haggis and black pudding too!

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