Friday, 10 July 2015

Insect house

I went to Wisley with my eldest daughter yesterday and enjoyed a wonderful couple of hours strolling around the gardens. The gardens look good at all points in the year, but the mixed borders and rose gardens were particularly gorgeous.

Nepeta in the foreground and a wild flower garden in the background

I do love the look of wild flowers 

I love going in their vegetable garden too drooling over the wonderful rows of vegetables. I'm always envious of the set up they have there. One day .........
When we were strolling around their 'sample gardens' I spotted this bug house which I had admired back in October.

I have some spare roof tiles and bricks at the bottom of the garden, so I can feel a project coming on if I can fine a spot to build one. I guess the back corner of the chicken run might work as the girls would love the extra company!!

They had an Alice in Wonderland theme this  week. This 'structure' was impressive! We noticed the lack of drug taking  paraphernalia with this version though!

This beautiful grass looked as if it had been sprayed gold. Against the blue of the sky, it was very striking. 


  1. Gorgeous photos!!

    I do like to go and look at other gardens, especially vegetable gardens and greenhouses. Yes, I bet your girls would love to live near a bug house, it'll give them something to watch and a snack every now and then :-)

    1. Thanks! Yes I think the 'working end' of the gardens is often my fabourite part!