Wednesday, 17 December 2014

A sense of calm

Firstly may I apologise for the lack of blog earlier this week. We lost all internet on Sunday and only sorted it yesterday evening! I felt quite bereft, although the kids felt more bereft!!Anyway, I'm back online now.

I was reflecting yesterday on just how different this Christmas feels. The main change this year in comparison to many other years, is my sense of calmness. The house is decorated, the boughs are quite literally decked with holly gathered during our walk at the weekend, all the handmade gifts are finished and wrapped ready to be passed on to their recipients and I'm almost there with the food - just a little bit of advance preparation to be done over the next few days. The house is clean - well clean enough certainly! There is a sense of serenity here which I don't remember having before at this point in the year; in fact, I don't remember the last time I was truly serene! Probably the closest I have been to seeming outwardly calm is when I have been at that point of utter exhaustion that I've almost given up! But it's different now. The new me, approaches my life differently - slowing down, more aware of what I am doing and appreciating each task fully. This new style of living has enabled me to enjoy the excitement of Christmas again, rather than just seeing it as a series of stressful chores and deadlines to meet. I needed to reconnect with the joy of the festive season and remember that spending times with my loved ones is paramount. I have taken time out to spend time with friends and family and been able to help others when they have needed it without feeling panic that I would never get everything done. I've made sure that I've had some time to relax on my own too, maintaining my meditation and adding in some small walks. If I'm not relaxed, then that will impact on the whole family!

Don't get me wrong, there are difficult times in the background of all of this, which frankly would have tipped the old me into a complete crisis, but thus far, my new mindset is assisting me to deal with any issues as best I can, then allowing me to let them go again out of my mind until the next time I have to deal with them so they are not festering under the surface.

A handpainted glass tree decoration from a previous 'crafty Christmas' many years ago!

My home, arms and heart are now open and ready to welcome everyone around me this Christmas.

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