Monday, 1 December 2014


One of the struggles I had when I was working, was always feeling I never had enough time. I was always rushing from one activity to another, never having time to finish anything properly or notice my surroundings. That physical feeling of anxiety - adrenaline racing around your body, slight nausea, irritability and a general feeling of mild panic .... This had become the norm! I'm a doer - I like to be busy and going to bed at the end of the day having achieved something is the best feeling ever! I am used to being active, even when I'm unwell, I REALLY struggle not to do some small jobs, much to my family's annoyance!

One of my favourite places to be! The quilt makes it so cosy.......

However, since leaving employment, I have trained myself to slow down. It's amazing how much more you notice! Staying at home, leading a simple and frugal life involves work. Cleaning, washing, ironing, cooking all meals from scratch, making my own gifts and repairing everything I need means I'm busy, but because I complete the tasks mindfully and slowly, I not only enjoy them more, but I also notice opportunities to do it slightly differently, rather than just being in the mindset 'get it done so I can move on to the next thing on my list!'
Simon and I did some Christmas shopping on Sunday and whilst walking past a stall, I stopped to admire some crotchet items. The lady at the stall started to chat to me and through this I now have a crotchet class in the neighbouring street to start in the New Year! Last year, I would have been so stressed out that I wouldn't even have taken the time to stop and chat to her. My new found slowness has provided me with a new opportunity, which is brilliant.
House work and chores are never ending, but try slowing down, completing each task quietly and with full awareness of what you are doing. My guess is that it will seem less of a chore, you will complete it more thoroughly and enjoy your daily tasks more.

On a separate note - I'm feeling a little under the weather today, so went food shopping, but forgot my cash!! School boy error! I've had to use my card, come home, take the cash out of its plastic wallet and hide it until next month! My first mistake, but no doubt not my last..... We are none of us perfect.

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