Friday, 19 December 2014

Holiday time

Finally, all the children are at home and Simon will break up today, so we can start the holiday season proper! I'm so excited about spending time with my lovely little family. We don't have any specific plans, no places to be or things we have to do, so we can simply please ourselves. I think we will spend time going for walks, playing games, watching movies and of course eating all sorts of yummy goodies.

I won't write on the blog in the next week - I think we all need time as a family without outside distractions. I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and I look forward to posting some of my home made gift creations after the recipients have opened them!!

This has been a wonderful few months for me starting a new and exciting chapter in my life. Goodness knows what 2015 will bring! Thank you so much for reading my little blog and commenting via Facebook. I have been touched by your feedback, so please keep reading and commenting. See you soon x

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