Tuesday, 2 December 2014

December's targets

I set myself quite specific targets in November and as promised here is my progress report :-
  • Pay off the mortgage - completely paid off and wow what a brilliant feeling that is!! 
  • Work from a cash only system for food and miscellaneous items and socialising - this has worked extremely well and meant we spent about 50% less than in November 2013!
  • Work on reducing our waste by composting more - separating compost materials from any other food waste has worked very well. Our food waste bin only really has the odd meat bone and lemon from my morning cuppa. Our vegetable peelings when mixed with the chicken poop and straw from the coop, will make fantastic compost for the garden in the spring.
  • Set up a blog - obvious answer to that one!
  • Continue to de clutter - I haven't moved too much on to a new home, but I certainly haven't acquired anything else to clutter my home.
  • Make packed lunches to save money - we have managed 2 to 3 days most weeks with packed lunches for everyone, but I need to invent some more interesting fillings to ring the changes.
  • Spend less generally - definitely. Simon and I have both been very aware of not spending money for the sake of it.
  • Reduce electricity/gas/water usage -  not only do I try to turn off lights and devices, I also try to use less of everything - toothpaste, toilet roll (I mean using fewer sheets rather than anything unsavoury!), shampoo etc., but I know I'm the only one who thinks like that in the house unfortunately. I think there is a toilet roll muncher hidden somewhere in my house!!
  • Don't acquire any more plastic bags - I'm really proud of this. Not a single plastic bag has entered the house when I have been in charge! Again, the rest of my brood still need reminders.
  • Start a small change savings pot - this worked well and by the end of the month we had about £10 in small change in there.
  • Read and skill myself up on growing my own veg, upcycling furniture, crotchet,knitting, patchworking, embroidery - I'm loving doing this; planning veg growing for the spring and thinking up all number of projects to occupy me in the New Year.
  • Use fewer cleaning products and if they run out, use natural products. - I'm still using the ones I do have, but I haven't bought any replacement ones and once they have run out, I'm going to try natural remedies, such as white vinegar and lemon.
For December I need to embed the ongoing targets from the above list and I aim to make as many home-made Christmas presents as possible. I have planned a Christmas menu with considerably less meat than previous years, not only because of the vegan/vegetarianism in the house, but also in an attempt to keep excess spending to a minimum. I want to decorate the house with as much as possible from nature and will go out collecting holly and ivy to deck the boughs! We have more than enough decorations already and had already bought cards, wrapping paper and crackers in last year's sale, so
that saves us a bit. Obviously, I imagine we will struggle to stick to our budget this month, but there's
no harm in trying hard to spend as little as possible, whilst remaining in the festive spirit. I long to 
have a calm, centred, family Yuletide, so that's my main aim for this month.

Happy Christmas to you all! 

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