Wednesday, 3 December 2014

What a difference a day can make!

Yesterday, I didn't get out of my pyjamas all day and only managed one task - writing our Christmas cards. It was the third day I had woken up feeling as if I'd just stepped out of the boxing ring and I wasn't up to anything much.
Today however, I woke thankful that the 20 stone man who had been sitting in my back and shoulders for the previous few days, had finally got off! Thank heavens, I was back to my usual self.... BUT then the anxiety started to set much to do!
What did I do first? Write a list of course! It was a long list mind and there wasn't much chance of me getting it all done today, but at least I had removed it from circulating in an endless loop around the inside of my head. I always feel calmer when I put it in black and white.
Now, the house is clean, the washing baskets are empty again, my husband has some shirts to wear and then....

This will be cosy for us all to gather in tonight. 

Oh joy, I got the power tools out!! I think for the first five Birthdays and Christmases of my marriage, my parents bought me a workbench, a power drill, a cordless screwdriver,  a jigsaw, a belt sander and a router. Not a bad little stash to play with. All I need now is a warm dry workshop as opposed to a cramped, slightly chaotic and leaky shed at the end of the garden. One day .......
I have been crafting all afternoon. In fact it was all I could do not to let myself get distracted this morning, but I stuck with it knowing I'd feel better when the house was back in order. There are no fully finished projects yet to photograph - just a conservatory full of half complete creations. When they are complete I'll post photos of course.

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