Monday, 8 December 2014

Driftwood Christmas tree

I'm quite pleased with this little tree. I've seen lots of them in the shops at ridiculous prices, so making my own has given me great satisfaction. The driftwood was collected from the beach at Staithes, North Yorkshire last Easter. Staithes is the most beautiful little place, multi coloured, tall houses, clinging to the cliffs around the harbour. Every house individual, with accents of arts and  crafts everywhere you look. I was completely smitten and would advise you to visit if you can. We stayed in a beautiful little cottage high up on the hill ( ).

Staithes, North Yorkshire
This is the second project I have made with the driftwood so far.  The first was a little hanging decoration inspired by some I'd seen in the craft shop in Staithes. 

The Christmas tree is made by drilling a hole through each length of driftwood and threading them, in length order, on to a thin wooden dowel. The dowel is glued into a pilot hole on a recycled wooden base. I have decorated it with some wired beads and a little star painted red, because I already had them. Another nice idea to decorate them with is small pieces of weathered glass like the stuff you find washed up on the beach, or tiny shells. I will give this one as a gift, but I suspect I may make another one for us to keep as I'm rather enamoured with it! 

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