Thursday, 18 December 2014

Special gifts for a special family

We have one particular family to whom we are very close. We have been part of their lives when they got together, then guests at their wedding, celebrated births and christenings and many other special days in between and shared joy, sadness and many laughs along the way. Simon and I are godparents to their eldest child too. I truly wanted them to receive home made gifts this year to express how much I care about them.
For the lovely couple, I created the driftwood Christmas tree and then a d├ęcoupage blackboard for their kitchen from an unused frame and a length of dado rail.

For our godson, I upcycled a child's school desk from a local charity shop.

For the twins, a memory board for the little girl and for her brother, an upcycled, personalised chair
and his very own little hanger.



I'm really pleased with their gifts. I have enjoyed making them, spending time thinking about all the reasons I love them whilst crafting their presents and trying to inject my own personal touch in to the items. I truly hope they get as much pleasure when they open them as I did whilst making them x

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