Monday, 19 January 2015

52 projects update

Back in September, I set myself to writing a list of 52 projects I would like to achieve across the year. Many of them were creative, but some were catching up on jobs that had been needing to be done for some time. So far, I have completed 22 of those projects. Needless to say all of the 'chores' are still languishing undone on the list!! I will try not to allow myself to transfer them onto next years project list come next September! That would be plain lazy!!
Actually though, I was always a 'doer'. I couldn't rest until everything was tidied away and cleaned up. When I was a little girl I used to play a game that the Queen was coming to visit and I had to tidy my room extra well for her. My Dad used to then come round behind me later retrieving most of the items I had thrown away during my vigorous tidying! Thanks to him, my own children and future grandchildren (hopefully!) are still able to play with my toys from childhood! If it had been up to me they may have been lost forever!

My eldest playing with Britten's Farm and Garden at my parent's house. We still have all of this although one or two of the rabbits disappeared up the Hoover because they were so small!

I had never been a hoarder, preferring neat, uncluttered lines and empty surfaces to clean. My tastes have changed though over the years and whilst I would still not be classed as a hoarder, I do have more things around me and my eye now takes pleasure in the items that have fond memories attached to them. Is this an age thing perhaps?
I do like to have a good sort out though and I'm a stickler for like-with-like, so I can generally lay my hands on the necessary item fairly quickly. I have a shoe cleaning box, a battery tin, a craft basket, a small jar for elastic bans and another for paper clips etc etc...
Anyway, I digress - back to the list ...
Sorting the shed (a big, long overdue task) is still on the list of projects and will remain there until I have fixed the shed roof and it's warmer weather! The dresser doors shut, so I can't see that it needs a good sort at the moment, so that will stay on the list too.

So far, since September! I have:-
  1. Made my own yoghurt
  2. Baked my own bread
  3. Decorated my own photo frames
  4. Paid off the mortgage
  5. Made my own limoncello (and Arancello)
  6. Upcycler's chairs for my children's rooms
  7. Made orange marmalade (and jams, chutneys and curds)
  8. Taken a bag of items to the charity shop
  9. Introduced a GF baking day each week
  10. Tidied my sewing box
  11. Made a framed memory board
  12. Sorted out the shoe cupboard (how many shoes can one family need?!!)
  13. Sorted through and cleared my wardrobe
  14. Made my own candles
  15. Tracked my finances completely for one month
  16. Dyed my dressing gown
  17. Made decorative clothes hangers
  18. Decorated hand towels as gifts
  19. Decoupage a box
  20. Set up a blog
  21. Made my own soaps
  22. Made my own button decorations
I realise looking back at my original list that a number of the ideas are ongoing, such as achieving 100 no-spend days a year, reading 52 books (I'm on about 8 so far!) and saving at least £200 per month into a separate account. I'm not sure they sit well on a list of projects really, but I'll leave them there for the time being. 
It would be great to read other people's lists. I think if I had written this list a few years ago, it would have been one long list of jobs to do. I am by pleased with the fact that the vast majority of projects on this list are now fun things and new skills. So much more befitting for the 'new me'!


  1. You have done quite a bit, well done, x

  2. I may regret doing the things I thought I'd enjoy first! I'm going to be left with a list of jobs to do at the end. I may have to make up some more craft projects to do too so I don't become disillusioned!