Thursday, 29 January 2015

By the skin of my teeth!

I have just looked at my cash budget for the month.....I have exactly £3.91 to last me until February 1st!! Fortunately, I have been able to make meals out of what we have left and I think we'll manage it, but it's been a squeeze this month. I guess January is always such a long month.

Mind you I have had £35 supermarket vouchers delivered this week, so it's already looking up for next month. I will use some of that to ensure I am restocked in case we have another tight month!
There is money in the bank still although not much thanks to an unpleasant and unexpected bill from the tax man and the usual club fees for the children, car tax and car MOT, but I am adamant that we will eek the cash out until Sunday!!
The point is that without sticking rigidly to the cash budget for the month, it would have been so easy to spend money that we obviously don't need to spend. If we can manage (with a little belt tightening effort), then it proves that any other spending would be wants not needs. Having said that I am very cross with HMI, as that money was destined to bolster my savings!! Best laid plans eh?

Nasty tax man!

The hall will be finished today. It looks much smarter, but after two weeks of mess and disruption, I will be VERY pleased to have my house back to myself tomorrow. I will don my apron, put on some loud music and clean away to my hearts content! I can hardly wait!


  1. I have decided to set a budget for Feb, did'nt get around to it in Jan.

  2. I'm very glad I did, because without the discipline of the budget this month, it could have been a lot worse! Hopefully, February will be a little less tight! I think adopting our cash budget each month has been the best thing we've done so far.