Saturday, 3 January 2015

Christmas Gifts for my children

We had decided to cut down this Christmas on the quantity of presents we bought for our children. I have to be honest, I'm not sure we were that successful. Next year perhaps!
What I did manage, however, is to make one hand crafted gift for each of my beautiful children.
For my eldest daughter, I made a little sewing box. Since coming back home after finishing her degree, Briony has joined me in some crafting, teaching herself cross stitch and embroidery. She has already created some gorgeous pieces. She would like to learn to knit and crotchet next, so we will make a right pair sitting on the settee together click-clacking away! I thought it was time therefore that she had her own basic sewing kit.

My next eldest daughter, Alana, has a vintage style bedroom, so I have made her some fabric covered door knobs for her wardrobe in a floral fabric to match her room. Once covered, they are sprayed with shellac to protect them.

I found it slightly more difficult to think of something to make for my son, except for his very own stash of chocolate truffles!! I chose instead to enhance an old photo frame from the loft with tiny rolls of magazine paper (Briony's old 'Glamour' subscription to be precise). This is such a simple craft idea - time consuming, but extremely thrifty, environmentally friendly, easy and very effective. The photo inside is of William and his lovely girlfriend.

My youngest daughter had a room makeover in the summer in preparation for her starting at secondary school. She had requested a set of frames for her wall, so I gathered some unused ones from our loft, glued them together in a multi-frame shape, adorned with flowers and lace and then painted them a Matt white to bring it all together. 

And finally .... A handmade gift for me from my eldest daughter!