Thursday, 1 January 2015

January targets

As you know, I like to have lists and targets, so I have thought up some things to aim for in January. They mostly centre around learning new skills which I feel is considerably more positive than the normal NewYear's resolutions, which mostly seem to focus on things I won't/shouldn't do! I'm never very successful at keeping to those anyway!

So this January, I am going to :

  • Continue sticking to my budget and writing my small daily 'To Do' lists
  • Keep going for walks and meditating
  • Continue crafting
  • Bring my grandmother's sewing machine up to the house and set it up ready to use (it's been languishing in the shed so I'm a little anxious as to whether it will work at all!)
  • Start patchwork - I may start with a cushion cover ..... 
  • Learn to crotchet
  • Learn some embroidery stitches - I have a desire to embroider my own hankies
  • Knit something - I don't know what yet, but I need to have a proper knitting project to inspire me.
  • Make my own washing powder and cleaning products

Traditionally I find the months of January and Febuary difficult psychologically and emotionally, so I'm hoping that by channelling my energies into creativity, I can avoid slipping into my annual doldrums! For once, I am excited about the next few months and I look forward to sharing my new discoveries with you.
Happy 2015 everyone!

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