Friday, 16 January 2015

Odds and sods

It's been a funny week really - quite unsettling! Mock week, so the middle two cherubs have been home more during the day supposedly revising, eldest had to go away for a couple of days, youngest was unwell early in the week and ongoing issues with my mother's health have taken up a huge amount of time and energy.
On reflection, these are some of the memories of my slightly disjointed week ......

Allowing myself almost a whole day to just read a book - brilliant. Must do it more often!

Quick bean and cabbage soup with home made bread

Making two loaves of bread - heavens it smells so good and the taste beats any shop bought! This morning I had freshly laid eggs on toasted bloomer left over from last nights tea.... Delicious!

Escapee chicken AGAIN! It always seems to be Rosemary at the back door when I look up from the washing up. I haven't actually seen her escape yet, so I'm not totally sure how she's doing it and it's not a huge issue really as there's nothing much growing in the garden at the moment and the garden is enclosed so she can't go any further. She seems to do it most when Marigold is in the coop laying. (You can probably just make out in the background that Marigold has come out of the coop and is wondering how the heck her sister got out again!) I absolutely love my chickens. They are such good fun and provide me with delicious eggs. What more could I ask for?

I ordered a sugar thermometer from Amazon. It arrived yesterday in the most ridiculously large box. I swear you could have fitted 150 thermometers in that one box!! Absolutely ridiculous! Still I now have my thermometer and so can indulge my craving for making fudge! I used to make it as a child and certainly didn't use a thermometer then, but I can use it for other things too, so it seemed a useful kitchen item to have. To combat the ridiculously wasteful packaging, I thought I'd show you that I use every last scrap of shampoo and conditioner from the pots by sawing them open with an old carving knife (I think it actually belonged to my grandmother). You can then reach the remnants which
wouldn't come out otherwise!

Despite the fairly dismal weather, I have noticed the setting sun pouring though my kitchen window. There was no real strength in it of course, but it was a very welcome moment and I took the time to stop what I was doing and appreciate it fully.
I also treated myself to using up the smoked salmon from the deepfreeze. I had some in scrambled eggs, some on toast with horseradish cream cheese and the last bits I made into a pâté - not all on the same day of course! A real treat I know, but it did need using up!

I don't seem to have achieved quite as much this week either, so consequently I'll have more to do next week. Let's hope I'm more motivated by having longer lists! Have a good weekend everyone.


  1. I'd only just posted that and when I got up to load the dishwasher, there was Rosemary peering through the back door again!! Cheeky monkey!

  2. I thinks she wants to come in and keep you company, do you have a bread maker ? I know what you mean about amazon and packaging, I was thinking this year about getting a thermometer as I also want to start making fudge and sweeties as gifts, would love to see how you get on , have a great weekend x

  3. They have both been known to trot through the house in the summer months when they get to go 'free range'. The cats were less than impressed and a delivery man was quite taken aback "There's a chicken in your bathroom!" he said to me in amazement (the bathroom is opposite the front door) LoL! I do have a bread maker, but haven't used it for ages. I like the kneeding - very therapeutic and stress busting!

  4. Hi Happeninguponhappiness, thanks for popping over to my blog. I look forward to seeing your recipes. Love your chicken photo, we had a chicken who used to tap on the window.