Saturday, 10 January 2015

I am blessed

I'm sitting here at my kitchen table with a cup of tea. The house is quiet - two children have already been taken to work and the other two are sleeping peacefully. Mr D is snoozing too after a long week. I am moved to remember just how blessed I am. I have a warm and comfortable home - nothing fancy, but enough to protect and nurture my family in. I have a loving husband who makes me laugh even though he tells the worst jokes you have ever heard! I have four beautiful children - they most likely won't be living under my roof for that much longer, but I feel confident that we have raised decent human beings who will be an asset to the world. I have friends and family who love me and want to help me and be helped by me.
We are not rich by any means, but comfortably off and able to feed and cloth ourselves well. We can afford what we need and some of what we want.
I have experienced loss and there are difficult times ahead with some members of my family, but I know that I will have the strength to deal with whatever comes my way because of the wonderful people I have around me.
I am reminded this quiet morning, to be grateful for my life and everyone in it. X

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