Monday, 17 November 2014

52 projects

In the beginning, I spent quite a lot of time trawling through other people's blogs. It was fascinating for me to see how others had simplified and enhanced their lives. One such blog is "Dreaming of a Simple life" and I loved reading her posts about walking the dog, home cooked meals and making do with a lot less money. One of her posts in particular caught my eye - Liz wrote a list of 52 projects to complete across the year. They were a mixture of creative projects, DIY tasks that she had been putting off for a while and learning new skills. I loved the idea of actually sitting down and thinking of all the wonderful things I could achieve across a year, so I began to compile my own.
Some of the entries in my list are:-

Make my own yoghurt
Bake my own bread
Learn to knit
De clutter the shed
Make a mosaic table top
Make my own limoncello
Up cycle a chair
Take a bag of items to the charity shop
Introduce a Gluten Free baking day each week
Sort through my wardrobe
Start a blog

There are many more items on the list even though I've only got to 47... Some are short tasks, completed in a week, others may take longer, but it's great to have such an exciting "To Do" list to refer to! Perhaps you could try writing your own?


  1. When I retired early at 53 when I was made redundant I also created a list. I used to do crafts before I went back to work after having the children. One is to finish a cross stitch picture I started 17 years ago. However since finding a 2 day a week job (I only commute next door!) I find that I have less time to achieve this. really considering packing it all in.

  2. Well obviously I can recommend taking that step, but equally it's not right for everyone. I happen to have never been more content than I am now.