Wednesday, 26 November 2014

A challenge

I finished my last session of my course to become a Home Start volunteer yesterday. It's been such good fun meeting new people. We were a thoroughly disparate group in so many ways - different ages, different backgrounds, different personal experiences and yet we did have three important things in common  - 1) we were all women, 2) we were all parents and 3) we were all there because we thought we would be able help someone ..... Let's hope that's true!
Shoes from a previous life path ..... Small sigh.....

One of the ladies there mentioned that she had set herself a challenge a few years ago of not buying any new clothes or shoes for a whole twelve months! She told me that it had been a liberating experience, not having to shop or spend precious time deliberating what to wear. As soon as she said it, I did a mental tour of my wardrobe and realised that I had everything I needed plus some (especially in the shoe department!!), so I'm going to try the same challenge! I may not succeed but I like the idea of it and it certainly fits with my new desire to lead a life which has less impact on the environment. If I could sew or knit properly, I'd make my own clothes, but that's some way off yet!
Shoes from this life path - more practical but less beautiful!

I will really miss my Tuesday course especially as we had gelled so well. We have had such a laugh despite some truly tough subject matter and I hope we manage to stay in contact. Funny how life can throw up new experiences and friends along the way if you are just open to those opportunities.

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  1. I think it is a real shame you don't wear your heels any more