Sunday, 2 November 2014

At the beginning

For the last six years, I have worked in a large secondary school. I hugely enjoyed my job there, but in the last year, I became very aware of the impact it was having on my health. I was ALWAYS tired, I had succumbed to a variety of health scares, which whilst they amounted to nothing, had involved invasive and terrifying tests to get to that point. I was drinking too much wine, struggling to sleep, gained weight and feeling stressed every day. I would remember things, then promptly forget them again. The guilt was horrendous! I felt totally out of control and at points it felt as if I was heading towards a breakdown. I realised there needed to be a substantial change.
It took me two whole months to begin to 'heal'. During this time, I walked, I meditated, I read and I allowed my self to be creative and just 'Be'. Not easy for a woman who had spent the previous 25 years priding herself on Doing!
I'd like to tell you about my journey and how, along the way, I happened upon a deep and satisfying happiness that will stay with me for the next 30 to 40 years .... Hopefully! 


  1. can't wait to read about them. My mum has done the same.

  2. Looking forward to walking with you on your journey, you are very brave taking such a big step, wishing you lots of relaxing good wishes x