Friday, 21 November 2014

Dinner party food

There's a running joke in my family where my Mum asks on the phone what we are having for dinner and when I tell her, she replies " That's dinner party food". We have always eaten very well and we all enjoy our food. My Mum was an excellent cook, my brother too and whilst Mum didn't actually formally teach me, I guess I must have picked up things along the way.
I'm cooking today as we have friends coming for dinner. I was actually very pleased that there is a vegetarian coming so I have the perfect reason to continue with the mostly vegan theme.

On the menu this evening:-

Pea risotto
Roasted vegetable tarts with a selection of salads
Lemon brûlée tart with raspberry coulis

I only went £10 over my weekly budget and that was due to the wine, so I'm feeling satisfied. We really enjoy having people over for dinner and it's certainly my favourite way to socialise. I enjoy going to restaurants too, but I feel most relaxed in someone's home with freshly cooked food and convivial company.
The house is clean, the oven is on, the house is warm and smells of home prepared food and I'm in my pinny - bliss!
I'll let you know how it went tomorrow. 

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  1. Ok, they have all gone home now and I think it went very well- the lemon tart and raspberry coulis seemed to have been a particular hit. The washing up is all done and I am pleased with how it all went.