Sunday, 23 November 2014

Feeling a little sad today

The weather here is awful - grey, wet, cold and generally dismal. I have fallen into a bit of the doldrums I'm afraid! Yesterday, my youngest daughter Immie took these photos along the nearby canal. They look very enticing - exactly the kind of November day that appeals.

I often walk along the canal. I love the little community that has built up here with the houseboats and it's one of those walks that you can make as long or as short as you like. There is all sorts of wildlife from the usual swans, ducks and moorhens, to multiple other small birds, mink, dragonflies and water rats.

Today however is not really a day for walking. The garden is full of puddles and the poor chucks seem to be developing a moat around their chicken run! I've given them a treat of bread soaked in powdered milk mixed with warm water. They look fairly miserable too this morning.
I am enjoying writing the blog and people say they enjoy reading it. I'd truly love to receive your comments though. It would be so much more fun for this to be interactive........I just know that you have things to share or ask too. Looking forward to being cheered by your feedback. 


  1. We have a canal near to us and often run,cycle or walk down it. It's mild and dry here in Yorkshire but perhaps the rain is on its way!

  2. It's finally stopped raining here, but the poor chooks were wading around in their run :( The forecast is for better weather tomorrow, so I'm aiming to go for a walk along that path before the next band of bad weather descends!