Friday, 14 November 2014

The journey so far..

You'll remember I'm a list person, well I'm also a target orientated person. I like to delineate a plan preferably on paper. It helps me remain on task and also helps to refocus me if I waver and gives me a sense of achievement when I finish something. As I am on the start of my journey, I set myself goals for each month.
September lead me to focus on gaining control of my house. I de cluttered, cleaned and completed smaller DIY tasks. I worked on calming myself down and improving my physical and mental health. I walked as often as I could, learned to meditate and took lots of time to focus on me. I slowed down my pace of life and took notice of my surroundings.
I set up a system of allocating my self  a small number of tasks each day, but included in that time for reading, relaxation and creativity. I rejoined the local library and dug out my iPod. All in all, I began to recover and heal.
In October, I continued to be creative and my system of writing down tasks AND relaxation time helped me enormously. I felt in control and I was very aware of the improvement in my mental and physical health. I knew I was becoming a better person to be around. I started my volunteering course and it felt good getting to know new people. I enjoyed learning new skills and re-igniting my creative side. After reading another blog ( Dreaming of a Simple life ), I wrote my own list of 52 projects which I will post about separately. I also tracked every penny we spent for an entire month - terrifying and enlightening in equal measure!
Throughout, I have kept a journal. It's fascinating to look back on how I felt when I started and the differences, subtle or more obvious, that have appeared along the way.
I have not only regained control of myself and my emotions, but so much more - my weight and general health, my home and perhaps most importantly my future. I know what I want now and I am going all out to achieve it!
November's targets are:-

  • Pay off the mortgage
  • Work from a cash only system for food and miscellaneous items and socialising
  • Work on reducing our waste by composting more
  • Set up a blog
  • Continue to de clutter
  • Make packed lunches to save money
  • Spend less generally
  • Reduce electricity/gas/water usage
  • Don't acquire any more plastic bags
  • Start a small change savings pot
  • Read and skill myself up on growing my own veg, upcycling furniture, crotchet,knitting, patchworking, embroidery
  • Use fewer cleaning products and if they run out, use natural products.
I'll let you know how many I achieve at the end of the month and set Decembers' targets too. 


  1. Well done so far, it's so inspiring to read this as I know it's "real" - it doesn't make me feel bad that I am not able to do loads of these things but gives me some great tips about how I can incorporate some of the ideas into my busy hectic life, working full time and bringing up 2 teenagers, so thank you very much.

  2. I'm really glad that anything I write might be of help to someone out there. Simplifying your life can take many forms of course! Even if life is busy, don't forget to allow yourself a few moments to stop and think.