Friday, 28 November 2014

A tiny craft idea

Just a really short post today, I'm afraid. I thought I'd share this little idea for napkin rings. Eventually when I get my grandmothers sewing machine up and running again, I will make some of my own napkins, but meanwhile I have these lovely chicken print ones from Sophie Allport ( I covet her merchandise way more than I should !!).
As there are six of us and it's particularly important that Briony doesn't get one which may have been contaminated with gluten, I needed individualised napkin rings, but I couldn't find any in the shops that I liked.

In the shed I had some old wooden curtain rings. I then bought a set of five chicken shaped buttons which matched the napkins perfectly. (I'm also a sucker for all things chicken!). The buttons were simply glued onto the wooden curtain rings. Each of us has our own little chicken - mine is the one with the white body and brown tail feathers. I had two little ladybirds which I had kept from a previous item - perfect for Briony as she adores ladybirds. Finally, we have two guest napkins decorated with gender stereotyped buttons!

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