Saturday, 28 February 2015

End of month fridge!

This is my fridge this morning!
It contains approximately 3 pints milk, half a carton of soy milk and about the same quantity of almond milk. Also a small bottle of cat milk given to me by a friend who's cat doesn't like it!
There are 4 shop bought eggs, a small lump of cheddar, an almost empty tub of Lurpak and some Pure vegan spread. One soy vanilla yoghurt and various bits of home made jam and chutney. Four garlic cloves, a small piece of root ginger and half a tube of tomato purée. We also have half a red, green and yellow pepper, which I will add to the leftover chilli for lunch. Finally, in the larger tub, there are about three portions of lentil, chick pea and chilli soup from last night.
I have a loaf of sliced bread and about six onions elsewhere.

Any meal suggestions? ....only joking!!
Actually we're having chick pea curry tonight, which uses tinned goods and spices from the store cupboard and I'll perhaps try to make some home made GF naan. (I made GF bread last night and couldn't work out why it was so awful...I remembered this morning, that I'd forgotten to add the xanthan gum!)
Shopping tomorrow, so it will look a little more appetising when I open the fridge door tomorrow :)
At least there is absolutely no waste so Greg and whatever that other chap was called, would be very proud of me!!
Have a cracking weekend everyone :)


  1. Oh no! the xanthan gum makes all the difference. Chickpea curry sounds good, thank goodness for store cupboards :)

    1. I'll post the recipe next week :) along with GF nanas and onion bjajis

  2. I've only made gluten free bread once and it turned out like a brick!

    1. I made GF naan breads last night with the xanthan gum - they were absolutely fine. It's a tricky beast GF dough, but I'm determined not to be beaten!!