Monday, 16 February 2015

My brood's books - part two of two

Of course most of the books that my youngest daughter now has, have previously belonged to the others! We seem to play a never ending game of moving books from one room to another. I was fairly ruthless when I cleared out her room and gave loads to charity, but I kept the books which had originally been mine, like the Flower Fairy sets and Beatrix Potter. I like the idea of sharing them with my grandchildren as and when I get any!

Daughter number one has limited space having had to cram her uni life back into her teenage bedroom for the time being, so it's all a bit busy!

Daughter number two passed on many of hers to her younger sister a couple of years ago to free up space in her room.

Wonky shelves!

My son LOVES reading and has many many box sets - more than I can possibly photograph - they are stacked in a old kitchen cabinet - three rows deep in some cases, balanced on top of his wardrobe. Poor soul - his room is small but perfectly formed! He has now become a film buff too so we'll need to investigate DVD storage for him! 

Youngest daughter had a room revamp so is probably the tidiest at the moment. Here are a few of hers...

There really are some brilliant books out there for children and young adults. Far more than I ever had. I am very happy that my children have all enjoyed reading and appreciate books.


  1. It's nice that they all love books and they seem to have good collections.

    I have two sons, one loves reading and has as many books as me, and the other just loves tinkering with cars. Even though they both had exactly the same upbringing with bedtime stories and rows and rows of books and library membership when they were small.

    And thinking about it their choice of reading when small shaped their careers, the reader devoured (and still does) crime and mystery books,and has degrees in forensic science and he is now a police comms operative and a special constable, and the other used to read adventure books of all description, he joined the army at 17 went all over the world fighting for his country, and is now a mechanic and HGV driver.

    Have a closer look at what books your children are reading ;-)

    1. What would you predict for them based on what you can see?

  2. Something to do with health and beauty or perhaps physiotherapy, a fiction writer, a cinema manager or film critic, and finally a journalist.

    Bet I did really badly, but hey ho I had a go ;-)

    1. Wannabe doctor, creative writer and traveller, actor and wannabe vet!! So not bad at all - something medical, something creative, something to do with acting and any possibility at all for the youngest! Well done x