Thursday, 26 February 2015

Home made handwash

I know I made soap the other month, but generally we use liquid handwash in the bathrooms. We have four dispensers including the one in the kitchen. I decided that rather than buying top ups, I would make a batch of home made liquid soap.
I had a quick look through the internet and it seemed to me that the most basic recipe included grated soap, water and essential oils. Brilliant, that's the kind of straightforward recipe I like!
First, I put 2 litres of water in a very large pan to heat up on the stove.
Meanwhile, I grated a 180g bar of cheap soap. I can't remember exactly how much it cost as I've had it a while, but it would have been in the region of £1.
I let the water boil for a while as I wasn't using bottled water. Then I added the grated soap and stirred with a wooden spoon until everything was very well incorporated and I was sure the soap had dissolved. I took it off the heat and allowed it to stand and thicken.
After a couple of hours, it was nicely thick. I have to admit, the texture was rather mucousy which was less than appealing, but I stuck with it!
I added about 15 drops of mandarin essential oil as the soap I had used was a lemon scented one. This is completely up to you. Some people don't like too much scent. I then decanted it using a jug and funnel into the soap dispensers.
This amount made enough to fill six soap dispensers. I only needed to fill two, so the rest is stored in a large jar.

Plus points?
It's very cheap!
It represents a saving of about 95p per dispenser. (Based on the liquid soap I normally use)
It works perfectly well.
You can alter the scent or have no scent at all - I like the citrusy scent of mine

Negative points?
The texture before being dispensed is weird. I would suggest not using a green soap because the ensuing
colour combined with the mucous texture, may make you heave!!


  1. I was thinking about doing this,I am currently looking around so see how cheap I can get them for before I decide.

  2. I'd be surprised if you could buy 6 for the price of a bar of soap. It really was ridiculously easy and the more I use it, the more satisfied I am. You could use a baby or non allergenic soap if that helped with allergies etc.

    1. Yes your right, I have a few getting empty so I will try it, anything to save a few pennies. x