Saturday, 21 February 2015

Right that's it ....!

Rosemary has escaped for the last time! Don't worry, I'm not about to roast her for Sunday lunch (even if I have threatened her with it!), but I have had enough of her escaping from the run and marauding around my garden. If I ever want to be able to grow our own fruit and veg, she is going to have to be better contained.
So today, Mr D and I went out there, dismantled their existing run and are now in the process of rebuilding a new, sturdier and hopefully escape proof run for them. My aim is to achieve this without spending a penny more. So far, we have re purposed a couple of lengths of decking and some old fence toppers to make a bottom board and posts to add an extra few inches of height. Their run now resembles a mud bath (I was very glad a of my wellies!), but we have made good progress and should manage to finish it off tomorrow if the weather is kind. I'll post some photos tomorrow if we get it achieved. Funnily enough, if we get it done tomorrow, it will be pretty much exactly what I was aiming for when I first got the chickens, but I was persuaded down a different route.
Four hours spent in the garden today should mean I can plant in peace later in the year!
Mind you I had to come in because the cold had sunk into my bones by that point and once my teeth started chattering, I realised I had achieved as much as I was going to out there today. Roll on some warmth and sunshine so I can crack on with my master plan in the garden!! I'm now snuggled up with a hot water bottle to bring some life back to my hands! If anyone has any suggestions for good working gloves that keep your hands warm whilst allowing you to be able to pick up screws, please let me know - mine are rubbish!


  1. Only thing i can think of is some of those hand warmer pop them in the microwave and then in your pockets to keep hands warm..had to chuckle at the escapees..ours do it on a regular sure they hum the theme to Mission Impossible as i am trying to round them up again little devils..

    1. Ah yes, I actually have some of those in a drawer. That's a good idea and I'll try it tomorrow. I'll make sure they're 'primed' this evening!
      Funnily enough it's only one who escapes, leaving her sister stranded and wondering how she did it! I've just looked out there now and, despite not having any sides, she's in her run now!! Typical!

  2. I've yet to find gloves that keep my hands warm AND enable me to pick up small things easily. As you say roll on spring when it gets so much easier to work outdoors.

    It's nice to know that whatever you get to plant will be safe from the chickens, and you will get to eat it yourselves, with them getting the trimmings and leftovers instead of pick of the crop :-)

    1. On my list of things to make is seed boxes made from spare oak floorboards leftover from having our hall done. I want to grow salad leaves and pea shoots in them like Alys Fowler does! I am so looking forward to it!